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Dusseldorf, Germany  11/6/1987

"Yeah and for a lot this... this fans of its... it's sure pretty upsetting cause I'm gonna know that even if it was split right down the middle that I should be singing to the half that... that's nice, but it's really difficult to get out of your mind the half that's awful. Anyway, for the half that's nice, this is called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

(Guitar Fill)

Remember this and looked up so high
Everything I see here is bending
Now I'll sit here and stare
And lie back slowly there

All I wanted to say
All I want is to stay
You should feel the same
You should be the same
Everything should be the same

But instead you'll pull
Finish me off with a look (Crying)
The way you wouldn't say
She finished me off with a look (Crying)
Feel the same as...

I'll run around
Say this way... is a waste of time
It's always such a waste of time

(Guitar Fill)

(Ending Lyrics)


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