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Coventry, England  11/30/1981

(Beginning Lyrics)

(Guitar Fill)

See you shrug talking about your death
The way you change and always says
So I look at the sky
And the sky goes black
I look at the sky
And the sky goes black

And I hear you say come be dead
I don't know if I'll be dead
Body saying come to the light
Move ? far again
? of light
You're watching ?
I feel that I'll be gone by day

Walk into the fire
Stick your hand inside my head
Pull out my heart
And you wonder why... you're tearing me apart

The face will fade... the minute that I say... you know you'll fade
Hold me always
Hold me against the fade

Nothing oh...
There's nothing left but faith
Hold me in a distant breeze
Put your hands wide

Dying in the hands of... the hands of ice
Hold me in the hands of ice
Nothing left but faith
Nothing left but faith

(Ending Lyrics)


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