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San Francisco, California  7/28/1981

"This is the last song, it's called Faith."

Beginning Lyrics)

(Guitar Fill)

This time the morning comes too early now
Pulls you close ? this time

Then at night you walked along
Soft black hair and soft sweet eyes
Oh... the final time.
Never again... you must decide
Standing by the ones who cry

You can never say
There's nothing left but faith
You know you can stand here and say...
There's nothing left but faith

It's easy now
It's easy now

So let me hear you go and turning back he reached the end
He could have stopped
He'll never feel the slow... and undertow
He should have jumped
He should've jumped

Seen all the faces again
Seen all the ?
Seeing all the eyeballs... pain
Should've jumped

And there's nothing left
There's nothing left
There's nothing left


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