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Seattle, Washington  12/10/1997
Mercer Arena

"A song that I know that I've always... will leave America... and we'll never have done it and I just feel like singing it. It's called Faith."

(Beginning Lyrics)

Suddenly I see you change
I lose another blinding face
It's perfect moments take the same

Every way I'll try to walk... you'll know I'll never be this way
Ashamed about the way you look
Ashamed about the way she makes it

And I'll see her walk again... in the way that she will
She would take a side
She would take her side

You will never know the way I feel
Just take a photograph of me
All you'll want... is for me to kneel and say
Those were the days that I remember best
All you want is for me on my knees... to say those were the days... I remember the best

And nothing works the way you want
So all he does... is look once, and look away
Cause... nothing works the way it once did
So all he does... is look once, and then look away

(Guitar Fill)

So then I sit there with you
And listen back... to how I spent my time
Capture this moment forever... I hold that forever, you'll say you'll be mine
You'll be mine
Capture this moment... forever
Forever... say you'll be mine
Say you'll be mine
Say you'll be mine


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