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New Orleans, Louisiana
Lakefront Arena

Date : 7/25/1987
Location : New Orleans, Louisiana
Venue : Lakefront Arena
Minutes : 110
Quality : 8-
Generation :
Description : Show
Setlist :
            The Kiss
            Torture (Slight Cut In The Middle)
            All I Want
            A Japanese Dream
            Just Like Heaven
            Hot Hot Hot
            If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
            Like Cockatoos
            The Walk
            Inbetween Days
            How Beautiful You Are
            The Perfect Girl
            The Snakepit (Cut In Middle)
            A Forest
            Close To Me
            Let's Go To Bed
            One More Time
            Charlotte Sometimes (Sound Problem)
            Shiver And Shake
            Charlotte Sometimes
            Boys Don't Cry
            Why Can't I Be You?