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Wellington,New Zealand
St. James Theater

Date : 9/30/1984
Location : Wellington,New Zealand
Venue : St. James Theater
Minutes : 62
Quality : 8+
Generation : AUD4
Description : Soundcheck
Setlist :
            At Night
            Shake Dog Shake (Drums)
            The Lovecats (Keyboards, Drums)
            Shake Dog Shake (Drums)
            Play For Today (Drums)
            Slowdive (Robert, Song By Siouxsie And The Banshees)
            At Night
            Bananafishbones (Drums)
            Shake Dog Shake (Drums)
            Give Me It (Drums)
            Young At Heart (Robert Vocals)
            Boys Don't Cry
            One Hundred Years (Guitar)
            Boys Don't Cry (Guitar)
            In Your House
            Piggy In The Mirror
            Shake Dog Shake
            The Walk