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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

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9/1/1995 Zillo  P Das Interview (Mit Simon Gallup)
Live - The Cure: Bei Rock Am Seem
Robert Poster (Robert Live Singing Into Microphone, Wearing Blue/Black Shirt, Red Rubber Band In Hair)
Germany  4.5 Y O #9, Project Pitchfork Cover, Simon Interview Author: Martin Sprissler, Rock Am See Author: Norbert Sonderfeld
12/1/1995 Zillo  N Cure Party Mention
Fictional Album Advert (Full Page)
Germany  1.25 Y O Lacrimosa Cover
1/1/1996 Zillo  N Cure - Konzerte Hamburg / Kiel (Hamburg 11-23-96 And Kiel 11-24-95 Show Reviews)
Germany  1 Y O Hamburg Review Author: Jan Gottschalk, Kiel Review Author: Indra Krienke, Date?
4/1/1996 Zillo  Y The Cure
Germany  5 Y O
5/1/1996 Zillo  N Charts: DJ-Top-10 (#5 A Forest)
The Cure - Teil 2
Germany  4 Y O #5, Nefilm Cover
6/1/1996 Zillo  N Faith Book Review
Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  1
8/7/1996 Zillo  N Deutsche Tourdaten
Germany  0.25
11/1/1996 Zillo  N The Cure Haben Ihr Tourprogramm Umorganisiert
Germany  0.25
12/1/1996 Zillo  N Charts: Leser-Top-10 (Songs: #7 The Cure - Mint Car, LPs: #8 The Cure - Wild Mood Swings)
Creaming Jesus - The End Of An Error Album Review (With A Forest Cover Song)
Robert Poster (Close Up, Robert Playing Guitar In Plaid Shirt)
Zillo Live: 11-12-96 Hannover, Germany Show Review
Germany  3.25 Y O #12, Marilyn Manson Cover, Album Review Author: Stephan Thiemann
12/1/1997 Zillo  Y The Cure: Das Ende der Leiden
Germany  6 Y O Double Issue (12/97 - 1/98)
1/1/1998 Zillo  N 8-15-98 Hildesheim, Germany Advert
Germany  0.25 Y O
7/1/1998 Zillo  N Zillo Festival
Germany  2
12/1/1999 Zillo  Y Unknown
1/1/2000 Zillo  Y The Cure: Trilogie der Schwermut, Jubilaumsverlosung!
Germany  9 Y O
1/1/2000 Zillo  N Alte Meister: The Cure - Faith (Begins with 'Faith, das - je nach Sichtweise - dritte oder vierte Album von The Cure...')
Germany  0.5 Y O Author: Carsten Wohlfeld, Date?
2/1/2000 Zillo  N Charts: Leser - Songs (#7 Wrong Number)
The Cure (Begins with 'Ein Uhr im Hyatt Hotel...')
Germany  6 Y O De-Vision Cover
3/1/2000 Zillo  N 2-1-00 Hamburg, Germany Show Review
Bloodflowers Album Review (Begins with 'So glanzvoll und schaurig sie die Popmusik...')
Hamburg, 2000-02-01 Fan Comments
Oleander - Ehrlichkeit Siegt (With Cure Cover Song Mention)
Oleander - February Son Album Review (With Boys Don't Cry Cover Song)
Germany  3 Y O And One Cover, Show Review Author: Kirsten Borchardt, Album Review Author: Timo Hoffmann, Oleander Article And Review Author: Frank Rummeleit
7/1/2002 Zillo  Y 7-13-02 Hahn, Germany Zillo Festival Show Advert
7-14-02 Glauchau, Germany Woodstage Show Advert
The Cure: Powered By Emotion
Germany  6 Y O
2/1/2003 Zillo  N Trilogy Show Review
Germany  1 Y Author: Maryla Kruger
7/1/2003 Zillo  Y DVD-High (Trilogy DVD Review)
The Cure: Der Kuss De Spinnenmanns
Germany  6 Y Article & Review Author: Elmarr Klemm
7/1/2004 Zillo  P 'The Cure' Album Advert (Full Page)
The Cure: Lost & Found
Tweaker - 2 A.M. Wakeup Call Album Review (w/Robert)
Germany  6 Y O Author: Michael Ernst, Review Author: CAW
6/1/1996 Zoo  N Unknown
Denmark  Metallica Cover, Includes Cure CD With Hello I Love You
1/1/2000 Zoo  N Unknown
Denmark  Metallica Cover, Cure On Included CD (Hello, I Love You), Date?
1/1/1979 Zoom  N Boys Don't Cry - Tapfer Sehen The Cure Ihrer Ersten Pressekonf.
Germany  1
4/1/1992 Zounds  N Der Mit Dem Tod Tanzt
Germany  2 Y O Bruce Springsteen Cover, Author: Michael Fuchs-Gambock
7/1/1992 Zounds  N Unknown
Germany  #7, Midnight Oil Cover
10/1/1992 Zounds  N Leicht Bewolkt!
Germany  0.5
1/1/1987 ZZ Pop  N Unknown
Spain  2 Y Girl In Blue Dress Cover
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