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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

Article Date Magazine Title Cover Article Title Country # Pages Pics C/O Notes Date Added


1/1/1987 Hi-Fi Answers  Rock Feature
England  Tube Traps Cover
4/1/1982 Juke  Charlotte Sometimes And The Gormenghast Connection
Australia  1 Y #363, Sunnyboys Cover, Author: Ashley Crawford
12/1/1998 Lexicon  Unknown
US  #6, ABC Cover
7/29/1981 Los Angeles Times  Palace Crowd Finds No Cure (7-27-81 Los Angeles, California Show Review)
US  Author: Richard Cromelin
2/3/2000 Musica  Doctor Smith's Fleurs Du Mal
Italy  1.5 Author: Giacomo Pellicciotti
2/26/1994 New Musical Express  The Cure In Court News Item
England  Y Elvis Costello Cover
1/1/1984 New York Rocker  Sioux You (Hyaena Album Review)
England  0.5 Author: Roy Trakin
1/1/1987 POP/Rocky  Cure Boss Robert Smith
Germany  Bridgette Neilson Cover
1/1/1987 POP/Rocky  Cure Poster
Germany  Mandy
1/1/1992 POP/Rocky  Article
Germany  #15, Kris Kross Cover
2/14/1991 Rock & Pop  Unknown
Czechoslovakia  David Gahan (Depeche Mode) Cover
7/1/2004 Rock And Sound  'The Cure' Album Review
Brazil  0.5 Y Author: Laura Sanchez, Brazil?
1/1/2006 Rolling Stone  Ctapbiu HoBbiu Fot
Russia  0.5 Y Author: AnekcahAp KohAykob
2/21/2000 San Diego On San Diego  Bloodflowers Album Review (Begins with 'As a 'singles band'...')
US  0.5 Author: David L. Coddon
3/11/1987 Smash Hits  The Great Supernatural Debate (With Robert Smith)
England  Vol. 9 #5, Beastie Boys Cover
6/16/1984 Sounds  Day Of The Jackal (Hyaena Album Review)
England  0.5 Author: Chris Roberts
12/1/1986 Super Rock  Unknown
Argentina  1 Y Soda Stereo Cover
9/29/1986 Tele Star  Unknown
France  2 #522, Coulouche Cover?
11/16/2007 The Daily Telegraph  Pop Star A 'Better' Neighbour Than Seymour
England  1 Y
3/23/1990 The Gavin Report  Unknown
US  #1799, Michael Bolton Cover
9/6/1989 Top 50  Qui Etes Vous?
France  2
1/1/1987 Top Secret  Radio Actif
France  2
2/1/2000 Tribute  Unknown
France  11
5/23/1987 TV Grama  Unknown
Argentina  3 Y John Knuckey Cover
1/1/1982 Unknown  Pornography Album Review
England  0.5
1/1/1989 Unknown  The Cure Is Terug!
Germany  2 Y
10/25/1990 Unknown  Boys Don't Cry Single Review (Begins with 'Over a two-decade...')
US  0.5 Author: Tony Fletcher, Newsday?
2/1/1998 Video 7  Galore Videos
France  0.25
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