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This page contains references to publications which contain Cure related articles. This list was compiled by me (to the best of my knowledge). It is meant to be a repository to keep track of all Cure related publications. So, if you know of any other publications that the Cure are in that are not on this list, please feel free to e-mail me with the details of the publication (Date of Publication, Name of Publication, Article Title, Volume/Number of Publication, Country it was published, Is the Cure on the cover?, How many pages long is the article (including the cover if there is one)?, Does the article contain pictures?). If possible, send a scan of the Cure on the cover of the publication(only if it does not already exist on this page). This will allow me to link the picture to the record of the publication. Thanks in advance for all of those people who wish to contribute!

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There are 6028 publications listed.

Article Date Magazine Title Cover Article Title Country # Pages Pics C/O Notes Date Added
11/1/1994 Alternative Guitar  N Unknown
US  Nirvana Cover
1/1/1991 Alternative Press  N Picture Show Video Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y #40, Urge Overkill Cover
5/1/1992 Alternative Press  N Wish Album And Tour Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y #47, Superchunk Cover
11/1/1996 Alternative Press  N 100 Underground Inspirations
US  1 N O Many Bands Cover
12/1/1997 Alternative Press  N Cure Crux Plan
Galore Album Advert
US  3 Y O Jane's Addiction Cover
10/1/1998 Alternative Press  N Babacar Album Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O Squirrel Nut Zippers Cover
1/1/1999 Alternative Press  N 25 Most Anticipated Albums Of 1999
US  2 Y O Rage Against The Machine Cover
5/1/1999 Alternative Press  N 10 Essential Post-Punk Albums - Seventeen Seconds
US  0.5 Y O Orgy Cover
7/1/1999 Alternative Press  N The Cure
US  0.5 Y O Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover
9/1/1999 Alternative Press  N Unhappy Birthday
US  0.5 Y O Nine Inch Nails Cover
3/1/2000 Alternative Press  N Real Gone
US  7 Y O Blink 182 Cover
1/2/2002 Alternative Press  N The Cure: Self-Analysis (Greatest Hits Album Review)
US  1 Y O #162, Trent Reznor Cover
2/1/2002 Alternative Press  N AP Hall Of Fame
US  1 Y O #163, System Of A Down Cover
11/1/2003 Alternative Press  N AP History Page - This Month: 1985 - The Beginning (Pic Of Cure AP Cover)
Goth-Damn! (Brief Cure Mention)
England  4 Y O #184.2, Thrice Cover, Author: Jason Bracelin
3/1/2004 Alternative Press  N History Page: 1989 Growing Pains (Cure Magazine Cover Pic, Brief Mention)
Overheard: Robert Smith Gets Heavy
US  0.5 Y O #188.2, Yellowcard Cover
8/1/2004 Alternative Press  N The Cure Rock It
US  0.25 Y O #193, Fall Out Boy Cover, Author: Carrie B. Vrenna
8/20/2004 Alternative Press  N Robert Smith Interview
US  Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) Cover, This is a newspaper from CA, not AP magazine.
9/1/2004 Alternative Press  N Idol Worship - Davey Havok, AFI & Robert Smith, The Cure
Schecter Guitar - Curiosa Festival Advert
US  4 Y O #194, Taking Back Sunday Cover, Author: Davey Havok
10/1/2004 Alternative Press  N History Page - 1996: A Year In The Life Of An AP Cover (AP 95: The Cure)
US  0.25 Y O #195, Green Day Cover
11/1/2004 Alternative Press  N Brakes Or No Breaks? (About Interpol, Mentions Cure)
US  3 Y O #196, The Used Cover, Article Author: Kurt Orzeck
7/1/2005 Alternative Press  N 89-93 (Picture Of 1989 AP Cure Cover)
Testify! (Mentions Curiosa Festival)
The Cure (Begins with 'One of the most humbling exercises in putting an issue...')
US  0.75 Y O #204.1, Nirvana Cover, Authors: Lee Locke And Jason Pettigrew
10/1/2007 Alternative Press  N Schecter Guitar Research Ad With Porl And Robert (Full Page)
US  1 Y
1/1/1980 Alternative Sounds  N Fanzine - The Cure (Begins with 'The Cure have expanded from a 3 piece, playing this sounding but inspired pop songs...')
England  1 Y O #15, Criminal Class Cover
9/1/1987 Alternatives  N Unknown
US  Skinny Puppy Cover
6/18/1987 Amica  N Kiss Me Kiss
Italy  2 Y #25, Woman In Swimsuit Cover
12/1/2007 Amp  N Unknown
US  #30, Thrice Cover
6/1/2003 Anee Laser  N Apotheose En Live (Trilogy)
France  0.25 Y
7/1/2003 Annee Laser  N The Cure - Trilogy
France  0.5 Y Author: VC
1/1/1987 Antenas C.  N Smith Diz Que Cure E O Futuro Do Re
Spain  1
1/1/1993 Arute  N Angeli Della Notte
Italy  2 Y O Arute?, Author: Mattia
1/1/2000 Astan  N Unknown
Germany  #12, Naked Woman With Back To Us Cover
2/22/2000 Atlanta Constitution  N Healthy Living: Cure's 'Good Attitude' In Vogue For 2 Decades
US  1 Author: Shane Harrison
2/1/2000 Attitude  N Bloodflowers Album Review (Begins with 'Feb 2000 and the world still hasn't died...')
England  0.25 Y O Author: Andrew Plender
10/1/1987 Audio  N Unknown
Germany  Stereo Equipment Cover
5/1/1996 Audio  N Es Werde Licht
Germany  1
6/1/1992 Audio Plus  N Unknown
Germany  1 Bruce Springsteen Cover
9/1/2004 Audio Video Foto - BILD  N CD-Neuheiten - 'The Cure'
Germany  1 Y O
6/6/2008 Austin Chronicle  N Music: The Cure - Austin Music Hall
Sun 08: Austin Music Hall - The Cure
Ticket City - 6-08-08 Austin Show Advert
US  0.25 Y O
8/22/1996 Austin Newspaper  N 8-22-96 Austin, Texas Show Advert
US  0.5 Y O
11/13/1997 Australian Herald Sun  N No Cure For Middle Age
Australia  1 Y O Author: Cameron Adams
10/12/2000 Australian Herald Sun  N Cureiosity
Australia  2 Author: Cameron Adams
4/1/1995 B Mag  N Chronique D'Une Mort Avortee
France  7 Y #1, Author: Muriel Drouineau
2/15/2008 B.T.  N Maraton-Kur
Denmark  1.5 Y Author: Mathias Nielsen
5/1/1989 Backstage  N Rendez-Vous: Robert, Cure Toujours
France  2 Y #1, Author: Alistair Logan
6/1/1989 Backstage  N Spectacles: Ca Tourne Pour Les Cure
France  1 Y #2, Vanessa Par Nagui Cover, Author: Luc Bertagnol
1/1/1990 Backstage  N Entreat Promo Album Advert
France  0.5 #7
10/1/1980 Backstage Rock Monthly  N Club Tour Review
  Zero Cover
8/4/2004 Baltimore City Paper  N Jumping Someone Else's Fame
US  1 Y Author: Michael Alan Goldberg
6/1/1987 Bam  N 1987 Summer Tour Guide (Sire Records)
US  #260 Vol. 13 No. 13, Def School Cover
7/31/1987 Bam  N How Do The Cure Spell Relief?
US  3.5 Y O Vol 13, No. 16, Issue #263, Sammy Hagar Cover, Author: Harold DeMuir
6/14/1996 Bam  N The Guru of Gloom...NOT!
US  #486 Vol. 22 No. 12, Cracker Cover, Author: Jon Matsumoto
10/1/2003 Bang  N Stadium Titans Return
England  0.5 Y
8/1/2005 Bant  N Unknown
Turkey  Worm People Drawing Cover
12/1/2004 Bass Guitar  N Punk Rock's 50 Greatest Bass Lines - #30 Killing An Arab
US  0.25 Y O Sid Vicious Cover, Author: S.R.
6/1/2004 Bass Guitar Magazine  N Low Gothic Style
US  1 Y O Duff McKagan Cover, Author: James Rotondi
10/1/2004 Bass Player  N Simon Gallup: A Cure For The Common Bass
US  4 Y O Brian Wilson Cover, Author: Britt Strickland
10/11/2000 Beat  N 10-17-2000 Melbourne, Australia Show Advert
Bloodflowers Album Advert (Full Page)
The Cure (Begins with 'English band The Cure can now boast a career that spans four decades...')
Australia  3 Y O #72, Boss Hog Cover, Author: Robert Dunstar
5/2/1992 Beats  N Unknown
Unknown  Melissa Etheridge
2/15/2008 Berlingske  N Magisk Magtdemonstration (2-13-08 Copenhagen, Denmark Show Review)
Denmark  2 Y Author: Jeppe Krogsgaard Christensen
6/1/1979 Best  N Les Etrangers
France  0.75 Y C #131, Author: F.D., Plus Three Imaginary Boys Review?
7/1/1979 Best  N Three Imaginary Boys Album Review (Begins with 'Je ne sais pas exactement ce qui m'amene si subitement...')
France  0.5 Y C #131 (#132?), Brian Jones Cover, Author: F. Dordor
1/1/1980 Best  N Jumping Someone Else's Train Single Review (Begins with 'Le titre, mes chers eleves, n'est ici certainement...')
Le Nouveau Remede
France  0.5 N C #138
2/1/1980 Best  N Cure: Play For Today
France  3 Y O #139, Trust Cover
2/1/1980 Best  N Unknown
France  2 Best Cover
6/1/1980 Best   N Precieuses Secondes (Seventeen Seconds Album Review)
France  0.5 Y C #143, Clash Cover, Author: Francis Dordor
11/1/1980 Best  N Pub New Wave: Le Regime De L'Hiver 80
France  1 #148
1/1/1981 Best  N Quel Carnage!
France  0.5 Y C
5/1/1981 Best  N Crise De Foi? (Faith Album Review)
France  1 Y O #154, Bruce Springsteen Cover
9/1/1981 Best  N Gueules D'Atmosphere
France  3 Y O #158, David Bowie Cover
1/1/1982 Best  N Charlotte Sometimes Single Review (Begins with 'C'est vrai qu'ils derapent parfois sur la pente savonneuse...')
France  0.25 N C I only have single review.
6/1/1982 Best  N Jardin Secret (Pornography Album Review)
Pornography Tour Advert
France  2 Y C #167, Author: Herve Picart
3/1/1983 Best  N Let's Go To Bed Single Review (Begins with 'Mais que Cure abandonne cette integrite...')
France  0.25 N C #176
4/1/1983 Best  N Japanese Whispers Album Review (Begins with 'Ah les petits Cure! J'avais craque c'est vrai...')
France  0.25 Y C Author: Gerard Bar-David
9/1/1983 Best  N The Upstairs Room Single Review (Begins with 'Toutes proportions gardees, ce maxi single nouveau...')
France  0.25 N C #182
10/1/1983 Best   N Post-Cure
France  1.25 Y C #183, Stranglers Cover, Author: J.-E.P.
2/1/1984 Best  N Nocturne
France  0.25 #187
3/1/1984 Best  N Japanese Whispers Album Review
France  0.25 #188, Phil Collins Cover
5/1/1984 Best  N The Top Album Advert
France  1 #190
6/1/1984 Best  N Cure De Jouvence
En Couleurs (The Top Album Review)
France  3 Y O #191, Jean-Louis Aubert Cover (Telephone), Article Author: Gerard Bar David, Review Author: Herve Picarte
7/1/1984 Best  N Charts : Albums - The Top #15
Hyaena Album Review (Siouxsie And The Banshees W/Robert)
Robert And Lol Poster (40 X 60 cm, Robert W/Crooked Lipstick, Both Wearing Black, Close-Up)
France  5.5 Y O #192, Jimmy Cliff Cover, Author: Jean-Eric Perrin
1/1/1985 Best  N Smith & Chanson
France  0.5 Best?
1/1/1985 Best  N Concert Album Review (Begins with 'Au bas de la pochette, un rien austere de cet album live...')
France  0.5 Y C #198, Prince Cover, Author: Herve Picart
2/1/1985 Best  N Autopsie D'une Rumeur
France  2 Y #199, Author: Francis Dordor
4/1/1985 Best  N Curiosites
France  4 Y O #201 Sade Cover, Author: Herve Picart, I have 4/6 pages (are there 6)?
7/1/1985 Best  N 7-23-85 Nyon, France Paleo Festival Advert
7-27-85 Athens, Greece Advert
France  2 Y #204
9/1/1985 Best  N Athenes 26 & 27 Juillet
Mega Cure
France  2 #206
10/1/1985 Best  N Dites 33: Head On The Door Album Review
Le Smith
France  8.5 Y O #207, ZZ Top Cover, Article Author: Jean-Michel Reusser, Review Author: Herve Picart
11/1/1985 Best  N Head Tour France And Enfants Du Rock Advert (Full Page)
France  1 Y C Tears For Fears Cover
1/1/1986 Best  N Band Poster (Band With Glow Faces, 4 Page Fold Out, 16.25 in x 22.5)
Charts: Albums - Head On The Door #1, Concert #3, The Top #9, Singles - Inbetween Days #1, Close To Me #4
Cure Story Sur 10 F.M. Advert (Full Page)
L'Album De 85 - Head On The Door
France  8 Y O #210, Sting Cover
2/1/1986 Best  N Autographe: 12-18-85 Paris, France Bercy Show Review (Begins with 'L'autre surprise aura ete le concert de The Cure...')
France  0.5 Y C #211
4/1/1986 Best  N Cure 'Signed' Poster
Referendum 85/85
France  3 #213, Madonna Cover
6/1/1986 Best  N Bonapartes Advert (Produced By Lol)
Mention About Fools Dance
France  Y #215, Propaganda Cover
7/1/1986 Best  N Depeches
Plages Classiques (Standing On A Beach Album Review, Begins with 'Itineraire rimbaldien titubant, extra-vagances british heritees...')
Resume Des Episodes Precedents French Tour Advert
France  1.5 Y C #216, Indochine Cover, Review Author: Francois Ducray, I don't have Depeches
9/1/1986 Best  N Robert Poster (Wearing Gray Suit With Blue Shirt Underneath, Mouth Open, Holding Hands, Looking Down, 16 in x 22.75 in)
France  4 Y O #218, Indochine Cover, 4 page fold out poster.
10/1/1986 Best  N En-tetes: Robert Smith
The Cure En Image Staring At The Sea Video Advert
France  2 Y O #219, I only have advert (2 of 4 pages).
1/1/1987 Best  N Supplement Special: Cure
France  #229?, Indochine Cover
1/1/1987 Best  N Begins with 'Arrive en fin de contrat The Cure pourrait changer...')
France  0.25 N O Date?
1/1/1987 Best  N Robert Smith (Begins with 'Damned! Le choc ne fut pas mince lorsque les milliers de fans de Cure...')
France  0.25 Y C Date?
1/1/1987 Best  N Begins with 'Lions: L'une des plus marquantes visites...')
France  0.25 N C Date?
1/1/1987 Best  N Une Cure De Best! (Win KMKMKM Promo LP)
France  1 Y O
4/1/1987 Best  N Band Poster (Robert In The Middle Crossing Arms With Short Hair, Porl On Left In White Shirt, Red Background With Band Signatures)
'Embrassez-moi (Idiots)!'
France  6 Y O #225, U2 Cover, Author: Gilles Verlant
6/1/1987 Best  N Dites 33: Trop Embrasse... Mais Bien Etreint - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review
France  0.5 Y O #227, Author: Jean-Michel Reusser
6/1/1987 Best  N KMKMKM Album Review
France  1 #227
7/1/1987 Best  N Decu!
France  1 Y C #228, Prince Doll Cover
9/1/1987 Best  N The Cure: Six Pour L'Hexagone (Roger O'Donnell)
France  0.5 Y O #230
11/1/1987 Best  N 11-11/12-87 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
News (Begins with '... de Tim Pope (realisateur de videos particulierement connue grace a son travail avec Cure...')
France  2 Y O #232, Sting Cover
4/1/1989 Best  N Best Poll Results (With Robert Pic)
France  1 Y O
6/1/1989 Best  N Scene De Cure
France  4 Y O #251, Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) Cover, Author: Francis Dordor
7/1/1989 Best  N 7-8-89 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
En-tetes: Flowers Covers
France  2 #252, Lou Reed Cover
8/1/1989 Best  N Les Concerts: 6-16-89 Frejus, France Show Review
France  1.25 Y #253, Author: Isabelle Karcher
9/1/1989 Best  N Photo Concert
France  1 #254
10/1/1989 Best  N Les Depeches: 'Cette fois-ci c'est fini!...'
France  1 Y C #255, Sugarcubes Cover
5/1/1990 Best  N Pictures Of You Single Review
France  0.5 N #262
9/1/1990 Best  N Les Depeches: Mixed Up
France  1 Y #266
11/1/1990 Best  N Mixed Up Album Advert
Mixed Up Album Review
News (Begins with 'Cure, et bien sur et surtout son leader inconteste, Robert Smith, ...') (Robert Pic)
France  2.75 Y O #268, Review Author: Francois Gerald, I only have Mixed Up Advert.
2/1/1991 Best  N CD Concert Pirate Cure 81 Advert?
France  1 #270
4/1/1991 Best  N Cure Unplugged
France  0.5 Y #273, Mano Negra Cover
5/1/1991 Best  N Unknown
France  #274, Bob Marley Cover
8/1/1991 Best  N Abonnez-Vous A Best Et Choisissez Un Cadeau!
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De Fiction A Non-Fiction
France  6.25 Y O #277, Slash Cover, Author: Catherine Chantoiseau
1/1/1992 Best  N Les Depeches - Grande Bretagne
France  1 #282, Les Negresses Vertes
5/1/1992 Best  N Best Is Music Advert
Voeu Pieu (Wish Album Review)
France  3 Y #286, Nick Cave Cover, Review Author: Catherine Chantoiseau
6/1/1992 Best  N C'est Cure (Wish Album Advert, Full Page)
Disintegration Est Le Chant D'Une Lutte
France  1 Y O #287, I only have advert (Disintegration article is 2 pages?)
7/1/1992 Best  N 10-19/20/21-92 Paris, France Zenith Show Advert
France  1 #288, Prince Cover
9/1/1992 Best  N Wish Tour Advert
France  1 #290
10/1/1992 Best  N Best Hors Serie Cure Advert
Concours Best Of Cure Advert (Gagnez Deux Bacstages Par Soir De Concert Sure La Tournee Cure)
France  2 Y O #291
4/1/1993 Best  N Elus!
France  3 Y O #297, Author: Francis Dordor
8/1/1993 Best  N De 6 bels: XFM Great Expectations - Finsbury Park Cure Article
France  #301, Neil Young Cover
10/1/1993 Best  N Video - Wish You Where Here (Show Album Review)
France  1 #303
10/1/2000 Best  N Les Depeches
France  1 Y C
4/1/2003 Biba  N Fan...
France  1.5 Y
2/24/2000 Big Beng!  N Unknown
Czechoslovakia  Angus Young (AC/DC) Cover
5/1/2004 Big Issue  N Prince Of Wails (The Cure Album Review)
England  0.5 Y Author: Dorian Lynskey
1/1/1985 Billboard  N Head On The Door Album Review (Begins with 'British quintet which helped define the early decade's 'gloom boom'...')
US  0.25 N
1/1/1985 Billboard  N The Cure (11-1-85 New York, New York Radio City Music Hall Show Review)
US  0.5 N
6/28/1986 Billboard  N Compromise Is No Cure For Quirky British Band
US  0.5 N Author: Steve Gett
12/13/1986 Billboard  N Group Says Cure Song Defames Arabs In U.S.
US  0.5 N Author: Dave DiMartino
1/1/1987 Billboard  N Cure Song Stirs More Controversy - Toronto Council Moves To Ban LP
US  1 N Author: Kirk LaPonte
5/30/1987 Billboard  N Dance: Picks - Cure Why Can't I Be You? (Begins with 'Pouty U.K. band returns to the same horn-laden, infectious...')
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
MTV Programming: Medium Rotation - The Cure Why Can't I Be You?
US  1.75 Y O Vol. 99 #22, Willie Nelson And Others Cover, Advert On Back Cover
6/13/1987 Billboard  N Pop Picks: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Review
US  0.25 N O
6/20/1987 Billboard  N Cure Album: Rx For Success?
US  0.5 N O Author: Dave DiMartino
6/27/1987 Billboard  N Golden Cure
US  0.25 Y O
8/29/1987 Billboard  N Medicine Man
US  0.25 Y O
10/17/1987 Billboard  N Unknown
9/9/1989 Billboard  N Talent In Action: The Cure, Love & Rockets, Pixies - Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford NJ
US  0.5 Y O Author: Bruce Haring
8/3/1991 Billboard  N Picture Show Video Advert (Full Page, Robert Self-Portrait)
US  1 Y O
5/4/1996 Billboard  N Wild Mood Swings Album Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O
6/26/1996 Billboard  N Mint Car Single Review
7/13/1996 Billboard  N Eye: A Does Of The Cure On The Net
The Cure Web Site Brings the Band Home
US  Author: Brett Atwood
10/4/1997 Billboard  N Hits 'Galore' On The Way For Cure Fans
US  1 Y O Elton John And Bernie Taupin Cover, Author: Melinda Newman
5/22/2004 Billboard  N Backbeat: Inducting The Cure
US  0.5 Y O Avril Lavign Cover, Author: Carla Hay
6/26/2004 Billboard  N Red Distribution (Eagle Rock) - The Cure Trilogy DVD (And Others) Advert
US  1 Y O Bonnaroo Festival Cover
7/17/2004 Billboard  N Billboard Top 200 (The Cure #7), Billboard Top Internet Album Sales (The Cure #2)
'Da Hype' Jacks Up Buzz On Junior Jack
Over The Counter (Begins with 'Rock's Roll: Rock continues to shine in 2004, as four albums of various rock stripes bow...')
'The Cure' Album Review
US  2.75 Y O New Acts Cover, Author: Michael Paoletta, Cure Review Author: BG, Over The Counter Author: Geoff Mayfield
9/11/2004 Billboard  N Billboard 200 (The Cure #138)
Billboard Picks Music - Essential Reviews: alt.end single review
US  1.25 Y O Nelly Cover, Author: CLT
9/25/2004 Billboard  N Billboard 200 (The Cure #168)
Billboard Boxscore Concert Grosses: The Cure - Mexico City
US  2 N O Let's Dance! Cover
3/25/2006 Billboard  N UpFront - Geffen Shuffle: Fair In, Schur Gets New Label Shot
US  1.25 Y O DJ Premier And Christina Aguilera Cover
11/1/1989 Billboard's Rocktober Magazine  N Hairdo's & Don'ts
Rocktober News
US  3 Y C
11/20/1979 Birmingham Sun  N Jumping Someone Else's Train Single Review (Begins with 'Also on Fiction is 'Jumping Someone Else's Train'...')
England  0.25 N C
1/1/1985 Bizz  N Begins with '... dara uma razao diferente por gostar do Cure...'
Brazil  2 Y C Incomplete
1/1/1985 Bizz  N Biblioteca (Begins with 'Todas as letras de Robert Smith...')
Brazil  0.25 Y O
1/1/1985 Bizz  N O Rock Errou?
Brazil  1 Y O Date? Bizz? I only have 1 page of ??
12/1/1985 Bizz  N The Cure (Begins With 'Na estrada desde 76, o Cure esta estourando agora no Brasil...')
Brazil  Sting Cover
1/1/1986 Bizz  N Curtas E Grossas II
Brazil  0.5 Y C
1/1/1986 Bizz  N A Caveira E A Cura (Begins with 'Em um recente show do Cure na Alemanha...')
Brazil  0.25 Y O
1/1/1986 Bizz  N Killing An Arab Lyrics (Robert Picture In Black Suit)
Brazil  1.25 Y O David Bowie Cover
1/1/1986 Bizz  N Em Busca De Inspiracao Siouxsie & The Banshees
Brazil  4 Y O Author: Thomas Pappon, Date?
2/1/1986 Bizz  N Os Melhores De 85 - (Many Different Charts) Head On The Door #8, Sinking #10, Close To Me #7, Charlotte Sometimes #2, Six Different Ways #10, Shake Dog Shake #9, The Blood, Inbetween Days #7, Close To Me #7
The Cure - Na Cozinha Com Robert Smith
Brazil  8 Y O #7, Bruce Springsteen And Madonna Cover, Author: Pepe Escobar
1/1/1987 Bizz  N Entrevista Robert Smith
Cure Tour Brasil 87
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Standing On A Beach Album 250.000 Sold! Advert
Brazil  20 Y O Harrison Ford Cover Of Main Magazine, Supplemental Exclusive Cure Magazine. Author: Jean-Yves De Neufville
1/1/1987 Bizz  N Just Like Heaven Lyrics
Brazil  1 Y
1/1/1987 Bizz  N Recrutamento E Selecao
Brazil  0.5
1/1/1987 Bizz  N A Festa Dos Melhores De 86
Brazil  0.5 Y O
1/1/1987 Bizz  N Fast Forward
Brazil  0.5 Y C Author: Dilmar Cavalher
1/1/1989 Bizz  N Letras Traduzidas - Let's Go To Bed
Brazil  1 Y O Author: A Redacao
1/1/1990 Bizz  N Cure Funda Radio
Brazil  0.25
1/1/1990 Bizz  N Desintegracao E Ressurrecao
Brazil  4 Y R.E.M. Cover, Date?
1/1/1991 Bizz  N 100 Years Lyrics (W/Band Picture From Brazil '87 All In White Shirts)
Brazil  2 Y O Bizz?
2/1/1991 Bizz  N A Cura Pela Danca
Brazil  3 Y O Michael Hutchence (INXS) Cover
4/1/1991 Bizz  N The Cure - 10:15 Saturday Night Lyrics
Brazil  2 Y O
11/1/2000 Bizz  N Para Quem Esta No Limite...
Brazil  0.5 Y O #78, Author: Zeca Camargo
1/1/1985 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Inbetween Days Single Lyrics (Close Up Picture Of Robert Circa 1984, Uneven Lipstick)
Brazil  2 Y O Dire Straits Cover
1/1/1986 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Boys Don't Cry Lyrics (W/Glow Faces)
Brazil  2 Y O Madonna Cover
1/1/1987 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N 10:15 Saturday Night Single Lyrics (Robert Lying On Ground In Black Suit With Hands On Top Of Each Other)
Brazil  1.5 Y Information Society, Date?
1/1/1987 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Let's Go To Bed Single Lyrics (With Pic Of Robert And Simon Live, Wearing Gray Suits, Robert Singing, Simon Looking Down Playing Guitar)
Brazil  2 Y Rod Stewart Cover, Date??
1/1/1987 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Unknown
Brazil  2 Y The Smiths Cover, Date?
1/1/1987 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N The Walk Lyrics (Robert In Black Shirt, Short Hair, Playing Guitar)
Brazil  2 Y John Taylor (Duran Duran) Cover
1/1/1989 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Close To Me Single Lyrics (Robert Pic Circa '87, Robert Live With Gray Suit And White Shirt Underneath, With Black And White Guitar, Fairly Close Up)
Brazil  2 Y O Author: A Redacao, Bizz? Date? One page is a copy.
1/1/1989 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Song Lyrics (With Robert Poster - Robert In Gray Suit Singing Live With Hand In The Air)
Brazil  2 Y Duran Duran And A-Ha Cover
1/1/1989 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N Shake Dog Shake Lyrics (Robert Close Up In Blue Shirt With Pink Background)
Brazil  1 Y O Date, I only have one page of 2?
1/1/1989 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Hot Hot Hot Lyrics (Live Robert Pic, Looking Up And To The Right, Wearing Suit Jacket)
Brazil  2 Y Madonna Cover
1/1/1989 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N The Same Deep Water As You Lyrics (Robert Leaning On Knee In Blue Polka Dot Shirt)
Brazil  2 Y O Date?
1/1/1990 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N Cure: Closedown Lyrics (W/Robert Picture In Gray Suit From '87)
Brazil  2 Y O Paula Abdul Cover
6/1/1990 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N How Beautiful You Are Lyrics (Robert In Middle Wearing White Shirt Holding Something, Porl To His Left, Boris To His Right)
Brazil  2 Y Simply Red Cover
11/1/1990 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Like Cockatoos Song Lyrics
Brazil  2 Y New Kids On The Block Cover
1/1/1991 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N One Hundred Years Song Lyrics
Brazil  2 Y Yazz Cover, Date?
1/1/1991 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N Never Enough (Big Mix) Single Lyrics (Robert Up Front With Sweater On, Band In Red Background)
Brazil  2 Y O Date? Roxette Cover
1/1/1992 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas   N A Letter To Elise Single Lyrics (Robert Close Up Smiling Big W/Red, Crooked Lipstick)
Brazil  2 Y O Alice In Chains Cover, Date?
8/1/1992 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N High Single Lyrics
Brazil  2 Y Right Said Fred Cover
10/1/1997 Bizz - Letras Traduzidas  N Charlotte Sometimes Single Lyrics
Brazil  2 Y John Lennon Cover
5/1/1989 Blah Blah  N 7-8/9-89 Paris, France Bercy Show Advert
France  4 Y C #7, Author: Dominique Gullerm
1/1/1990 Blah Blah  N A La Fnac 10 Ans De Cure… (Entreat Album Advert)
Dix Ans D'Imaginaire
France  1 #4
6/1/1996 Blah Blah  N Mansion Murders
6/1/1996 Blah Blah Blah  N Unknown
US  #3, Na Dja Cover
7/1/1998 Blah Blah News  N X-Files Sountrack Album Review
France  0.25
9/1/1998 Blah Blah News  N Here's The Real Cure
France  0.25
2/1/2000 Blah Blah News  N BBN Portrait: Le Vol Des Corbeaux
FNAC Advert
France  3 Y O Demon Cover
1/1/1980 Blank Page  N The Cure (Begins with 'The recent tour by Siouxsie And The Banshees has done a lot to help establish The Cure.")
England  2 Y O Author: Kenneth Ansell, Publication - Blank Page?
1/1/1979 Blank Space  N Unknown
England  Gang Of Four Cover
11/1/2003 Blender  N The Greatest Songs Ever! - Just Like Heaven
US  2 Y O #21, Pink Cover, Author: Johnny Black
3/1/2004 Blender  N Hair-Raising (Join The Dots Box Set Review)
Join The Dots Box Set Advert
US  1 Y O Jessica Simpson Cover, Author: James Slaughter
8/1/2004 Blender  N 20 Songs You Must Download This Month
Dear Superstar - Robert Smith
Ghost Face ('The Cure' Album Review)
Goodstock! (5-2-04 Coachella Show Review)
US  7.5 Y O Dave Chapelle Cover, Author (Dear Superstar): David Keeps, Review Author: Andy Greenwald, Authors (Coachella): Rob Tannenbaum, Jonah Weiner, And Craig Marks
9/1/2004 Blender  N Head Shank!
Resident Evil: Apocalypse Album Advert (Full Page)
US  1.75 Y O #29, Usher Cover
10/1/2004 Blender  N 40 Most Popular Songs In America (23. Interpol - Brief Cure Mention)
US  0.25 N O Hilary Duff Cover
12/1/2004 Blender  N 100 Best Songs Of 2004 (#94 - The Cure: The End Of The World)
US  0.25 N O Gwen Stefani Cover
5/1/2005 Blender  N Coachella Oral History 'Bring A Sunbrella!'
Seventeen Seconds, Faith, And Pornography Reissues Album Advert
Seventeen Seconds, Faith, And Pornography Reissues Album Review
US  3.5 Y O Eminem And 50 Cent Cover, Coachella Author: Josh Eells And Jonah Weiner, Review Author: Dorian Lynskey
9/1/2006 Blender  N The Top, HOTD, KMKMKM Reissues Album Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O Paris Hilton Cover
10/1/2006 Blender  N Dead. And Loving It! (A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box Set Review)
The Top, HOTD, KMKMKM, The Glove Reissues Album Review
US  2 Y O Beyonce Cover, Dead Review Author: Simon Reynolds, Reissues Review Author: Tony Power
1/1/2005 Blikk  N Feloszlik A The Cure Egyuttes
Unknown  0.25 N Author: Gib
11/1/1983 Blitz  N Taking The Cure
England  0.5 Y Rik Mayall Cover
1/1/1985 Blitz  N Curiouser & Curiouser
England  1 N C 9-85?, Soft Cell Cover?, Author: William Shaw
1/1/1987 Blitz  N Cure O Fruto Da Mudanca
Portugal  1 Y #146, Setima Legiao Cover
1/1/1987 Blitz  N Cure Os Caca-Fantasmas
Portugal  1 Y #128, Peter Gabriel Cover, Author: Tiago Baltazar
1/1/1987 Blitz  N Robert Poster (Red Background With Arm On Knee)
Portugal  1 Y #145, Alison Moyet Cover
1/1/1987 Blitz  N Cure Poster (Robert Holding Onto Pole)
Portugal  1 Y #128, Paul Simon Cover
1/1/1987 Blitz  N The Cure Em Madrid
Portugal  1 Y #160, Jesus And Mary Chain Cover, Author: Jose Matos Cristovlo
5/1/1987 Blitz  N Unknown
England  1 #53, Martin Amis Cover
1/1/1989 Blitz  N Cure Uma Biografia
Lisbon Concert Advert
Portugal  1.5 Y #243, Melissa Etheridge Cover
1/1/1989 Blitz  N Band Poster (Robert In Front With Trenchcoat, Band In Back, Standing On Brick Road)
Portugal  1 Y #241, Cowboy Junkies Cover
6/1/1989 Blitz  N Cured?
England  2 Y C #78, Steve Martin Cover, Author: John Wilde
8/1/1990 Blitz  N The Cure - Roter Mund Auf Blassem Grund
Germany  1 Y C Author: Henk Van Bouwen
12/1/2008 Blitz  N Unknown
Portugal  4 Y Axel Rose Cover
1/1/1988 Blue Jean  N 'Dark' In Temsilcisi The Cure Atakta!
Turkey  2 Y Bruce Willis Cover
1/1/1991 Blue Jean  N Robert Poster (Close Up Wearing White Shirt With Roses On It)
Turkey  2 Y Madonna Cover, 1993?
3/1/2000 Blue Jean  N Ficekler Man Aglarsa...
Turkey  2 Y Leonardo DiCaprio Cover
4/1/2000 Blue Jean  N Cure Poster
Turkey  Y No Doubt Cover
1/1/1985 Blue Jeans  N Robert Poster (Robert Wearing Black Sweater With White T-Shirt Underneath, Has Hands Behind His Back And Shadow Behind Him)
US  1 Y O Date? US?
2/1/1985 Blue Jeans  N Robert Poster (Standing In Arched Doorway In Black Suit With Hand In Pocket)
UK  2 Y #420
6/27/1987 Blue Jeans  N Robert Poster (Close Up, Robert Wearing Black Sweater With White Shirt Underneath, Has Shadows Of A Chain Link Fence Across His Face)
England  1 Y #545, Girl Pointing To Nose Cover
8/29/1987 Blue Jeans  N Cure Poster (Band Sitting On Rooftop In Brazil, Wearing White Shirts And Black Pants)
England  2 Y #555, Girl With Yellow Shirt And Black Pants Cover
1/1/2002 Blunt  N Cure Me
Australia  0.5 Y O Good Charlotte Cover
1/1/2002 Blunt  N Robert Poster (Close Up Circa '87, Wearing White Shirt, Looking Right, Smiling)
Australia  1 Y O
1/1/1996 BMG Club Clippings  N Several Clippings
US  7 Y O
1/1/1996 BMG Magazine  N Flashback: The Cure: The First Decade
US  0.25 Y O
1/1/1996 BMG Magazine  N Begins with 'As distinctive a sound as there ever was...' (Standing On A Beach Album Review)
US  0.25 Y O Author: David R. Chesterfield
1/1/1989 BMG Music Release  N Dodger Stadium
US  1 N C
1/1/2000 Book By Unknown  N Photo Past (Photo By Ray Stevenson Of Robert Circa '81 In Front Of A Skyscraper)
England  0.25 Y Date? Country?
1/1/1989 Boom Muzik  N Klinik Bazda Yokedici Bir Sound: The Cure
Turkey  4 Y Nukhet Duru Cover
1/1/1980 Bop Eye  N Unknown
England  #2, Marc Almond And OMITD Cover, 01-01-81?
1/1/1989 Bordeaux Loisirs  N Rock: En Cure Fanatiquement
France  1 Y C
7/1/2004 Borders This Month  N 'The Cure' Album Review (Begins with 'Robert Smith continues to wear his heart on his sleeve singing with the Cure...')
US  0.25 Y O Summer Reading Getaway Cover
5/1/1980 Boston Globe  N Boys Don't Cry Album Review
US  0.5 Author: Jeff McLaughlin
5/4/1989 Boston Globe  N Disintegration Album Review (Begins with 'This new album, the Cure's first in two years...')
9/21/1989 Boston Globe  N The Cure's Last Tour
9/23/1989 Boston Globe  N For The Cure, There's No Success Like Failure
4/23/1992 Boston Globe  N Wish Album Review (Begins with 'Tell me truly: Do you wish...')
5/15/1992 Boston Globe  N The Cure: A Magnificent Mix Of Misery
5/21/1992 Boston Globe  N The Cure Upbeat Road Warriors Again Idebar Vital Stats
10/2/1993 Boston Globe  N Cure's 'Show': No Substitute For The Real Thing
6/30/1996 Boston Globe  N If A Little Bit Of History Is The Problem, What Is The Cure? The Cure: 17 Years
US  Author: Jim Sullivan
7/3/1996 Boston Globe  N In Worcester, A Bad Case Of The Cure
1/1/1997 Boston Globe  N The Funeral Party's Over
US  Author: Jim Sullivan
1/11/1997 Boston Globe  N Bowie's Birthday Blast Off
11/28/1997 Boston Globe  N After 18 Years Of The Cure, Robert Smith Gets Happy
3/2/1998 Boston Globe  N Comets, Stars, And Rock 'N Roll
6/25/1999 Boston Globe  N After Cure, Tolhurst In 'Proper Mode'
2/10/2000 Boston Globe  N Bloodflowers Album Review (Begins with 'The Cure In 2007? Who'd a-thunk it?...')
1/1/2004 Boston Globe  N Perfect Melancholy
US  0.5 Y Author: Ed Condran, Boston Globe?
1/30/2004 Boston Globe  N The Cure Gets An American Booster Shot
6/29/2004 Boston Globe  N New Record Is Welcome Cure For True Fans
8/6/2004 Boston Globe  N He's Known As The Master Of Darkness, But The Cure's Robert Smith Wants People To Remember His Silly Side
8/9/2004 Boston Globe  N Hit Or Miss On Diverse Bill
6/21/2005 Boston Globe  N Corgan's Solo Effort Not Smashing (w/Robert)
3/5/1992 Boston Herald  N Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. Crank It Up
US  Author: Karen Schlosberg
4/10/1992 Boston Herald  N Concert Update - Rejuvinated Cure Lands At Centrum In April
US  Author: Julie Romandetta
4/24/1992 Boston Herald  N Discs - The Cure's Misery Relieved By Lively 'Wish'
US  Author: Wayne Horvitz
5/16/1992 Boston Herald  N Cure Gives Powerhouse Performance (5-20/21-92 Worcester, Massachusetts Show Review)
US  Author: Dean Johnson
8/12/1992 Boston Herald  N Crew Revels In The Good Life QE2 Turns Into 'Private Yacht' After Passengers Taken Off
US  Author: Beth Teitel
3/26/1993 Boston Herald  N Music - Perfect Pitch Pop Stars From Eric Clapton To Pearl Jam Are Reaping The Rewards Of The 'MTV Unplugged' Gold Mine
US  Author: Julie Romandetta
11/12/1993 Boston Herald  N Discs (Begins with 'Biggest-name-of-all Eric Clapton barely explodes on guitar on 'Stone Free'. The Cure turn 'Purple Haze'...')
7/3/1996 Boston Herald  N Music Band Leader Finds Easy Cure To Chaos
7/4/1996 Boston Herald  N Music - Encores Almost Salvage A So-So Cure Concert (7-2-96 Worcester, Massachusetts Show Review)
US  Author: Sarah Rodman
12/3/1997 Boston Herald  N Music - The Cure Highlights Night Of Star-Studded Alt-Rock (Boston Radio Show Review)
US  Author: Robin Vaughan
12/5/1997 Boston Herald  N Places - 2 Goth Girls Cure A Concert
US  Author: Robin Vaughan
6/21/1998 Boston Herald  N Discs - 'X-Files' Albums Capture Mood Of Series (X-Files Sountrack Album Review)
3/5/2000 Boston Herald  N Discs - Cure's 'Bloodflowers' Bloom With Morbidity
6/15/2000 Boston Herald  N Cure Just What The Doctor Ordered (6-14-00 Show Review)
2/3/2002 Boston Herald  N Hits Album Should Cure What Ails You
4/9/2004 Boston Herald  N Junkie XL Turns Up Watts On 'Broadcast' (w/Robert)
7/9/2004 Boston Herald  N Smith And Mates Offer Cure For What Ails You ('The Cure' Album Review)
8/4/2004 Boston Herald  N Cure For The Summertime Blues Gloom-Meister Robert Smith Gets Festive With Curiosa Desciples
5/12/2004 Boston Metro  N The Cure To Come Soon
US  0.25 Y
6/2/1989 Boston Phoenix  N Facing Disintegration (Disintegration Album Review)
US  Author: James Hunter
5/1/1996 Boston Phoenix  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
US  Author: Amy Finch
8/1/1986 Boston Rock  N The Cure (Begins with 'Success isn't an especially appealing commodity to Robert Smith...')
US  1 Y O #77, Drawing On Cover, Author: Tristram Lozaw
5/1/1996 Boston Sun  N Cure Swings On CD Again (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
US  Author: J.D. Considine
1/1/1984 Bravo  N The Top Album Review (Begins with 'Dacht' Ich's doch: Die erstaunliche Wandlung...')
Germany  0.5 Y O Bravo?
1/1/1984 Bravo  N Band Poster (Band Live Circa '84, Robert In Front With Guitar And Leather Pants On, Bass Player In Back)
Germany  1 Y 8-1-84?
1/1/1984 Bravo  N The Caterpillar Single Review (Begins with 'Der frohlichste Song vom neuen Cure-Album.')
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo?
1/1/1984 Bravo  N The Cure: Live Fans Liegen Auf Den Knien
Germany  0.5 Y
2/16/1984 Bravo  N Ihr Bob Ist Robert Der Punk - Priester, Rabenschwarz Und Total Verruckt
Japanese Whispers Album Review
Germany  1.5 Y O #8, Nena Cover
2/23/1984 Bravo  N 3 Neue Gruppen Aus England -Total Verruckte Vogel
Hits Der Woche (Love Cats #30)
Germany  1.5 Y O #9, Paul Young Cover
3/1/1984 Bravo  N Wurmer Fressen Meine Haut
Germany  2 Y O #10, Nena Cover, Author: Hans-Jorge Riemann
3/8/1984 Bravo  N 3D Cure Poster (Porl w/Bass, Andy w/Guitar, Robert w/Cigarette, Lol In Checkered Shirt)
Germany  1 Y O #11, Paul Young Cover
8/1/1984 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  1 Nena Cover
1/1/1985 Bravo  N Ekstase, Agression, Mystik - Ihr Sanger Robert Smith Sagt: Ich Bin Ein Monster
Germany  2 Y O With 2 page transcript.
1/1/1985 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  #38, Sandra Cover
1/1/1985 Bravo  N Die 'Seelsorgen' Kommen Auf Touren!
Germany  0.5
1/1/1985 Bravo  N Bravo - Steckbrief: Robert Smith
Germany  0.25 Y O
10/10/1985 Bravo  N Inbetween Days Single Lyrics
Germany  1 #42, Sandra Cover
10/17/1985 Bravo  N Robert Poster (Hands On Face From '84)
Germany  1 Y O #43, James Dean Cover
12/17/1985 Bravo  N Robert Das Rockgespenst
Germany  1 Y O #52, A-Ha Cover, With 3 page transcript.
1/1/1986 Bravo  N Begins with 'Munchen, Formel Eins Studio. Alles wartet auf den deprimierten...'
Germany  0.25 N C With Transcript, Author: Inge Czygan
1/1/1986 Bravo  N Lol, Porl, Simon, Und Boris Roberts Jungs
Germany  1 Y
1/1/1986 Bravo  N Cure New In The Bravo Readers Charts - Boys Don't Cry
Cure Singer Robert Smith With New Hairstyle
1/9/1986 Bravo  N Cure Sticker
Songbook - Inbetween Days Lyrics
Germany  1 Y O #3, Falco Cover
1/16/1986 Bravo  N Serie: Die Grobten Rockbands Der Gegenwart
Germany  1 Y O #4, Michael J. Fox Cover
1/23/1986 Bravo  N Ich Hatte Oft Vor, Mich Umzubringen
Robert Poster (Close Up Of Head, Dressed In Black)
Germany  2 Y O #5, Morten Harket (A-Ha) Cover, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
5/1/1986 Bravo  N Begins with 'Cure-Fans erkennt man schon von weitam.'
Germany  0.25 N C With Transcript
5/15/1986 Bravo  N Ihren Sanger Halten Viele Fur Wahnsinnig
Germany  0.5 Y O #21, Chris Norman Cover
6/5/1986 Bravo  N Robert Weint Oft
Germany  1 N O #24, Rob Lowe Cover, With Transcript, Author: Inge Czygan
7/4/1986 Bravo  N Ihre Fans Erkennt Man Schon Von Weitem
Germany  1 Y O #28, Michael J. Fox Cover
7/31/1986 Bravo  N Hit Paraden: Bravo-Leser-Hits: Boys Don't Cry #18
Robert Poster (Robert Sitting On Floor In Gray Sweater Vest Holding Knee W/Big Socks)
Germany  2 Y O #32, Wham Cover
8/1/1986 Bravo  N Robert Smith Gibt Bei Ihnen Den Ton An, Songs Aus Horror - Traumen
Germany  1 Y O Author: Margit Rietti
8/14/1986 Bravo  N CURE-Fans - Grufti Mode
Germany  2 Y C #34, Falco Cover, Author: Sissi Trankner
9/18/1986 Bravo  N Cure-Sanger RS
Germany  0.25 #39, Tom Cruise Cover
10/30/1986 Bravo  N Small Picture With Robert (Hands On Ears)
Germany  0.25 #45, Europe Cover
11/6/1986 Bravo  N Charlotte Sometimes Single Review
Germany  0.25 #46, Falco Cover
11/13/1986 Bravo  N Cure Als Putzteufel
Germany  0.5 Y O #47, Pierre Cosso Cover
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Robert Poster (Close Up, Smiling, Hand On Arm, Blue Sweater With White Shirt Underneath)
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Pictures
Germany  0.5 Y C Incomplete?
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Ich Seh Nicht Mehr So Shwarz Wie Fruher
Germany  1 Y O Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Cure: Kiss Me, Live Bizarre Light-Show Beklemmende Klange
Germany  2 Y C
1/1/1987 Bravo  N The Cure Live: Mit kompletter Wohnzimmereinrichtung Und Laser-Show Reisten Sie Durch Germany
Germany  0.5 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Band Sticker (Band On The Beach, Robert Standing In Front)
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Band Sticker (Robert In Front Wearing Suit With White Shirt, Band In Back)
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Cure On Tour
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Ihre Shows Wurden Zu Gespenster-Partys
Germany  1 Y O #37, Glenn Medeiros Cover, With 4 page transcript, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
1/1/1987 Bravo  N Band Poster (B/W Robert In Center W/Arms Crossed, Lol & Porl On The Ends, Lol Wearing Jean Jacket, Porl Wearing Sweater Vest)
Germany  2 Y O
2/12/1987 Bravo  N Hetzen Cure Gegen Araber
Germany  0.25 Y O #8, Don Johnson Cover
5/14/1987 Bravo  N Cure Spielen Katz Und Maus
Germany  0.5 Y O #21, Don Johnson Cover
6/10/1987 Bravo  N Robert Poster
Germany  #25, Den Harrow Cover
7/20/1987 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  Jason Donovan Cover?
7/23/1987 Bravo  N Catch Single Review (Begins with 'Bei Robert Smith muB man ja immer auf...')
Germany  0.25 Y #31, A-Ha
9/10/1987 Bravo  N B/W Article Lots of good pics. Two of SG
Germany  1 #38, Otto Waalkes Cover
11/1/1987 Bravo  N The Cure Film, Album, Tour
Germany  0.5 Y C
11/19/1987 Bravo  N Das Neue Cure Gefuhl
Germany  1 Y O #48, Rick Astley Cover
12/3/1987 Bravo  N Sie Haben Den Verrucktesten Sanger Der Rockszene
Germany  2 Y O #50, Depeche Mode Cover
1/12/1988 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  Don Johnson Cover
2/25/1988 Bravo  N Small Pic Of Robert and Article
Germany  0.25 #9, Corey Haim Cover
3/17/1988 Bravo  N Hot Hot Hot Single Review
Germany  0.25 #12, Tiffany Cover
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Band Poster (Band Dressed In All Black And Sitting On Equipment Trunks, Simon In Hat With Red Scarf, Not Smiling)
Germany  2 Y O
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Star Pass - Robert
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Geliebt Und GehaBt
Germany  2 Y O
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Cure: Happy Together Konstanz '89
Germany  2
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Robert Sticker (Robert In Black On Stairs)
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1989 Bravo  N Robert Rub Off Decal (Robert's Head Close Up, Big Hair, Wearing Pink Shirt)
Germany  0.25 Y O
4/20/1989 Bravo  N The Cure
Germany  Tom Cruise Cover
6/8/1989 Bravo  N Bravo Songbook - Lullaby Lyrics
Robert Sticker (Robert's Head Close Up, Big Hair, Wearing Pink Shirt)
Roberts Totentanz : Die Fans Kamen Wie Zu Einer Rock-Messe
Germany  2.25 Y O #24, Corey Haim Cover
7/6/1989 Bravo  N Cure Sticker
Raumten Ab!
Germany  0.25 Y C #28, David Hasselhoff Cover
7/20/1989 Bravo  N Nie Wieder Auf Tournee!
Germany  1 Y O #30, Jason Donovan Cover
9/14/1989 Bravo  N Robert Erzwang Schiffsreise
Germany  0.5 Y O #38, Tom Cruise Cover
9/26/1989 Bravo  N Band Poster (Band Dressed In All Black And Sitting On Equipment Trunks, Simon In Hat With Red Scarf, Smiling)
Germany  2 Y O #40
1/1/1990 Bravo  N Robert Sticker (Wearing Black Sweater, White Shirt Underneath, And Black Pants)
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1990 Bravo  N Cure Werfen Ihre Songs Weg!
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo? Date?
1/3/1990 Bravo  N Band Poster (Perry In Blue Shirt, Robert In Black Sweater With T-Shirt Underneath)
Germany  2 Y O #2, Vanilla Ice Cover
1/8/1990 Bravo  N Robert Poster (Wearing Black Polka Dot Shirt, Close-Up, With Hands By Face)
Germany  #2, Brieftauben Cover (Guys W/Blue And Pink Hair)
1/25/1990 Bravo  N Cure-Boss Robert : Mary Hat Ihn Voll Im Griff
Germany  0.5 Y O #5, Jason Donovan And Beach Girl Cover
5/10/1990 Bravo  N Hit-Paraden: Single Bestseller (Small Picture of Robert '86 W/Short Hair) - Charts
Pictures Of You Single Review
Germany  1.5 Y O Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
5/20/1990 Bravo  N Bravo Songbook - Pictures Of You Lyrics
Germany  0.5 Y O #20, New Kids On The Block Cover
10/18/1990 Bravo  N Cure Narrten Die Polizei
Germany  0.5 Y O #43, New Kids On The Block
10/31/1990 Bravo  N Never Enough Single Review
Germany  0.5 Y O #45, Patrick Swayze Cover, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
11/22/1990 Bravo  N LP Der Woche: Mixed Up Album Review
Germany  0.25 Y O #48, Johnny Depp Cover
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  #15, Richard Tyson Cover
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  #28
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Robert: 'Rattennest' Am Hinterkopf
Germany  0.5 Y O
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  Jason Donovan Cover?
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Article
Cure Poster
Germany  #31, David Hasselhoff
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Tufteln Im Studio
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Star-Special: The Cure
Germany  0.5 Y O
1/1/1991 Bravo  N Robert Verschenkt 100 LPs Und Sein Hemd!
Germany  0.5 Y O
3/7/1991 Bravo  N Raritat Fur Treue Fans
Germany  0.25 Y O #11 Richard Grieco Cover
5/8/1991 Bravo  N So Fing Alles An, Die Konige Des Gruft-Rock
Germany  1 Y O #20, Kevin Costner Cover
5/23/1991 Bravo  N Band Sticker (Band Faces Going Vertical With Letters Spelling Cure)
Germany  0.25 Y O Cresney Hawkes Cover
7/4/1991 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Germany  #28, Richard Grieco
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Songbook: Friday I'm In Love
Germany  0.5
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Band Poster 1992
Germany  1 Y O
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Songbook - High Lyrics
Germany  0.5 Y O Luke Perry Cover
1/1/1992 Bravo  N A Letter To Elise Single Review (Begins with 'Bewahrte Cure-Qualitat. Dicht gewebter Sound im...')
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo?
1/1/1992 Bravo  N Bravo - Robert Tarot Card
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1992 Bravo  N The Cure Star-Special
Germany  0.25 Y O
1/1/1992 Bravo  N The Cure: 5 Facts, Die Ihr Wissen MuBt
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo?
1/1/1992 Bravo  N High Single Review (Begins with 'High hat alle wichtigen Elemente eines Cure-Hits...')
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo?
1/16/1992 Bravo  N Cure: Jelzin War Fur Mich Der Mann Des Jahres
Germany  0.5 Y O #4, Richard Grieco Cover
4/23/1992 Bravo  N Band Poster (Band In Front Of Grandfather Clock)
Robert War Nie Der Wahre Chef
Germany  2 Y O #18, Shanice Cover
6/1/1992 Bravo  N Cure Poster
Neue: Mystische Live-Show
Wish Album Review
Germany  4 Y O Tom Cruise Cover
6/2/1992 Bravo  N Friday I'm In Love Video
Germany  0.5 Y
7/2/1992 Bravo  N The Cure: Per Schiff Nach New York
Germany  0.5 Y O #28, Kris Kross Cover
7/30/1992 Bravo  N Rocklexikon The Cure
Germany  0.5
8/1/1992 Bravo  N Songbook - High Lyrics
Germany  0.5 Y #15, Army Of Lovers Cover
11/12/1992 Bravo  N Die Show - Ein Trip Der Gefuhle
Germany  2 Y O #47 Michael Jackson Cover
1/1/1993 Bravo  N Happy-Birthday : Geburtstags-Kinder Der Woche (Robert 34)
Germany  0.5 Y O Bravo?
1/1/1993 Bravo  N Begins with 'The Cure werden in diesem Jahr nur ein Live-Konzert geben...'
Germany  0.25 Y O Bravo?
7/6/1995 Bravo  N Gothic-Messias Robert Smith Kehrt Zuruck
Germany  1 Y O #28, Caught In The Act Cover, Author: Hannsjorg Riemann
1/1/1996 Bravo  N Unknown
Germany  #23 BackStreet Boys
4/1/1996 Bravo  N Happy Birthday: Robert Smith (The Cure) (37)
Germany  0.25 Y O
5/1/1996 Bravo  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  0.25
5/23/1996 Bravo  N Bizarres Video Von The Cure: Robert Smith Als Killer
Germany  0.25 Y O
5/30/1996 Bravo  N Die Dustere Magie Des Robert Smith
Germany  2 Y O #23, Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) Cover
6/5/1996 Bravo  N Band Poster (In Front Of Windows, Sitting Down)
Germany  2 Y O #24, Bon Jovi Cover
6/20/1996 Bravo  N The Cure Starten Live In London
Germany  0.25 Y O
7/2/1996 Bravo  N Irres Video: Robert Als Clown Und Casanova
Germany  0.5 Y O
11/1/1996 Bravo  N Mit Robert In Der Bar
Germany  0.25 Y O
7/1/2004 Bravo  N The Cure: N3neyehbl Ao BeccmeptnR
Russia  1 Y
1/1/1992 Bravo - Girl  N Wunschkind Fur The Cure
Germany  0.5
1/1/1992 Bravo - Girl  N Nie Wieder Gruft
Germany  0.25
1/1/2001 Breaker  N The Cure - The Last Punks Standing
Netherlands  2 Y O Author: Mette Kjaersgaard
1/1/1992 Bremer  N Look Moon, I'm Dead
Germany  2
3/22/2002 Bretagne Hebdo  N The Cure Au Programme
France  1
10/6/1979 Brighten Arqes  N Spin Off: Bob Hits The Banshee Trail
England  0.5 N C Brighten Arqes? Author: Tim Curran
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France  3 Y C Author: Jean Patrick A., Fanzine?
12/1/1989 B-Side  N Unknown
England  B-52's Cover
3/10/2000 Buffalo News  N A Haunting Bouquet
US  0.5 Author: Toni Ruperto
9/1/1981 Burning Rome  N Fanzine - 5-4-81 London, England Hammersmith Show Review (Begins with 'Ceux qui sont fans de ce groupe ont probablement...')
France  1 Y C #1, Author: Lidi
1/1/1982 Burning Rome  N Fanzine - The Cure (Begins with 'BR: Qu'avez-vous pense de votre tournee Francaise d'Octobre 81?...')
France  3 Y C #4
6/1/1987 Buscadero  N The Cure, Ne Storia, Ne Filosofia: Soltanto Pensieri In Ordine Sparso
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Italy  #197, Bruce Springsteen Cover
7/1/1995 Buzz  N Eurockeennes
Staring At The Sea - The Singles
France  1.5 #9
9/1/1997 Buzz  N Cure... Toujours!
France  0.25 #34
9/1/1998 Buzz  N For The Masses Album Review
France  0.25 #28
11/1/1998 Buzz  N Buzz En Ville
France  0.25 #29
2/1/2000 Buzz  N Juke Buzz: The Cure - Bloodflowers
Nouveau Cure
France  1 Y O #36, Pills Cover, Review Author: Frederic Lecomte
3/1/2000 Buzz  N The Cure: Magistral
France  2 Y #37, Author: Frederic Lecomte
4/1/2000 Buzz  N The Cure: Le Chant Du Cygne
France  1 N O #38, Pierpoljack Cover, Author: Frederic Lecomte
7/1/2000 Buzz  N Buzz News: Cure Fatale
France  1 Y O #41, Saez Cover
12/1/2000 Buzz  N Cure De Joy
France  0.25 #45
12/1/2001 Ca Se Passe Comme Ca  N Greatest Hits Album Review (Begins with 'Malgre deux compilations...')
France  0.25 Y Author: CE
12/1/2001 Cabinet Nightflight  N Susser Die Kassen Nie Klingeln
Germany  1.25 Y O Alphaville Cover, Author: Stefan Woldach
1/1/1987 Calendario Do Rock   N Abril Calender With Robert Pic
Brazil  2 Y David Bowie Cover
12/1/2001 Campus Mag  N Culture: Decibels - Greatest Hits: Ou Chronique D'Une Mort Annoncee
France  1 Y Author: Raymond Alfajore
1/1/2002 Canal Satellite  N Une 'Cure Night' De Jouvence
France  1 Y #55
7/1/2003 Canal Satellite  N Goth Story
France  0.5
1/1/1985 Canta Rock  N The Cure (Begins with 'Los curas, la cura, los Cure, esos tipos tapados de pelo y con caras...')
Argentina  1 Y O Author: Marcelo Fernandez Bitar, I only have one page (incomplete).
1/1/1987 Catalogue  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Cassette Advert
US  0.25 Y C
1/1/1995 CD & Record Buyer  N The Cure Top 100 Worldwide Collectables
England  4
10/1/1990 CD Mag  N Three Imaginary Boys Album Review
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12/1/1990 CD Mag  N Mixed Up Album Review
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1/1/1989 CD Review  N Success In Spite Of Everything
England  3 Y C Author: Johnny Black, Country?, Magazine Title?
2/1/1998 Chart  N The Cure's Roger O'Donnell
Canada  2 Y O Zuckerbaby Cover, Author: Liisa Ladouceur
1/1/1983 Chart Beat  N On The Town Reviews: Siouxsie And The Banshees Royal Albert Hall (Show Review With Robert)
The Cure Boys Who Care
England  2 Y Article And Review Author: Angie Somerside
1/1/1983 Chart Beat  N Robert And Lol Poster (Lovecats Video - Robert With Hands In The Air, Lol In Front Smiling)
England  1 Y O #15, Simon Le Bon Cover
12/1/1983 Chart Beat  N Cure Poster (Back Page)
England  1 Y #15, Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) Cover, Date (Charts show 10/11)?
2/25/2000 Chicago Newspaper  N Live : Finding The Cure
US  1 Y C Author: Jim DeRogatis
6/11/2004 Chicago Reader  N 8-12-04 Chicago, Illinois Show Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O
7/29/1987 Chicago Sun Times  N The Cure's Show Is Long On Music, Short On Ideas
7/11/1986 Chicago Tribune  N The Cure - Hey, Lighten Up: Cure Gets Giggle From 'Arty' Label
US  Author: Tom Popson
7/24/1987 Chicago Tribune  N Robert Smith Talks About The Old Cure, The New Cure And Bear Suits
US  Author: Tom Popson
7/29/1987 Chicago Tribune  N The Cure Runs Roller Coaster Through Gamut Of Emotions
US  Author: Steve Johnson
1/1/1989 Chicago Tribune  N A Down-To-Earth American Tour Planned In August By The Cure
US  0.5 N O Author: Tom Popson
4/28/1989 Chicago Tribune  N An American Tour Planned By The Cure
US  Author: Tom Popson
8/25/1989 Chicago Tribune  N Cure Vocalist Nixes Planes, House Music
US  Author: Tom Popson
8/27/1989 Chicago Tribune  N Sure Cure - This Time Around, They Admit They're Big, Really
US  Author: Tom Popson
8/30/1989 Chicago Tribune  N Pop's New Order Yesterday's Cult Acts Are Today's Hottest Bands
US  Author: Greg Kot
9/3/1989 Chicago Tribune  N Smith, The Cure Don't Have To Use Phony Remedies
US  Author: Steve Johnson
9/21/1990 Chicago Tribune  N The Cure Meets The Banshees In The Glove
US  Author: Tom Popson
4/21/1992 Chicago Tribune  N They're Lonely At The Top Songs Of Despair Lift The Cure Into Rock's Big Time
US  Author: Greg Kot
7/10/1992 Chicago Tribune  N Eminently Successful Cure Tops Week's Slate Of Shows
US  Author: Chris Heim
7/12/1992 Chicago Tribune  N Goth-Rock: Music As A Way Of Life
Robert Smith's Favorite Songs
The Gloom Merchants
US  Author (All 3 Articles): Greg Kot
7/16/1992 Chicago Tribune  N The Cure Keeps Lid On Glee Gloom Works, Even In Arena
US  Author: Greg Kot
5/3/1996 Chicago Tribune  N Cure Number 16 (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
US  Author: Greg Kot
7/22/1996 Chicago Tribune  N The Cure Endures 20-Year-Old Band Plays Far From Geezer Rock
US  Author: Dennis O'Brien
12/13/1997 Chicago Tribune  N Ghosts Of Christmas Past The Cure And Duran Duran Beat The Odds On Longevity
US  Author: Greg Kot
2/25/2000 Chicago Tribune  N One Last Time - Maybe 'Bloodflowers' Seems To Mark The End Of The Cure's Long Run (Bloodflowers Album Review)
US  Author: Greg Kot
2/28/2000 Chicago Tribune  N In The Mood Music Is Cure's Best Medicine
US  Author: Greg Kot
12/29/2000 Chicago Tribune  N Kudos To Those Who Lit Up The Year's Concert Scene
US  Author: Greg Kot
7/5/2003 Chicago Tribune  N 'Trilogy' Closes New Chapter In Cure's History (Trilogy DVD Review)
US  Y Author: Joshua Klein
1/1/1987 Chicas  N Unknown
Argentina  #30, Girl With Long Blond Curly Hair And Tom Cruise Cover
1/1/1987 Chicas  N Unknown
Argentina  Y Girl With Hat On Cover
8/24/1987 Christian Science Monitor  N The Cure: Tour Conditions Hide Band's Subtler Side
5/1/1992 Chronicle  N Friday I'm In Love Single Review
Wish Album Review
9/1/1992 Chronicle  N High Single Review
11/15/1985 Ciao 2001  N Ottimismo Sotterraneo
Italy  4 Y #46, AC/DC Cover, Author: Sasha Stojanovic
1/1/1987 Ciao 2001  N Kiss Me Bob
Italy  6 Y O Author: Piergiorgio Brunelli
1/1/1987 Ciao 2001  N Live In Italy
Italy  2 Y O Author: Paolo Zefferi
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Italy  #18, A-Ha Cover
9/9/1987 Ciao 2001  N Unknown
Italy  1 Madonna Cover
8/9/1989 Ciao 2001  N Unknown
Italy  #32, Pete Townshend Cover
7/21/2004 CIN Weekly  N 8-3-04 Cincinatti, Ohio Show Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O Vol. 1, Issue #39
12/28/2002 Cine Tele Revue  N Revue Music
Belgium  0.25 Y
1/1/1989 Cine7  N Photos Of Robert Live In Greece
Greece  Bruce Lee Cover
8/1/2002 Circulo  N Robert Smith De The Cure
Mexico  2 Y Papa Roach Cover
4/1/2005 Circulo  N Three Imaginary Boys Reissue Album Review
Mexico  Y Placebo Cover
9/1/1993 Circus  N The Rest Of The Best
US  0.25 Y Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots Cover
9/18/1996 Circus   N The Cure's Wild Mood Swings
US  3 Y O Metallica Cover, Author: Pug La Hart
6/30/2004 Clairin  N Las Puertitas Del Sr. Smith
Argentina  0.5 Y Author: Jose Bellas
10/1/2016 Classic Pop  N Celebrating The Kings Of Goth-Rock
England  Y Madness Cover
1/1/2003 Classic Rock  N Unknown
US  Y #49, Motorhead Cover
7/1/1982 Club  N Groep Van De Maand
Netherlands  0.25 N O
1/1/1996 Club Dial  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
1/1/1996 Club Dial  N Staring At The Sea Album Review
France  0.25
1/1/1996 Club Dial  N En Cadeau Le CD Collector Entreat
France  1
1/1/1996 Club Dial   N TOB Sans Oublier The Head (Album Review)
France  1
1/1/1996 Club Dial  N Cure (Begins with 'Le 4 Mai Dernier...')
France  2 Y Author: Alain Gardinier
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France  0.25 #801
5/20/1996 CMJ New Music Monthly  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
US  Author: Megan Frampton
2/25/2000 CMJ New Music Monthly  N Bloodflowers Album Review
US  0.5
4/1/2000 CMJ New Music Monthly  N Bloodflowers Album Advert
On The CD
US  2 Y O Neko Case Cover, Author: Matt Ashare
9/1/1983 Coaster  N Unknown
England  #30, Altered Images Cover (Girl Singing Holding Mic)
4/28/2000 Cocktail  N Last Dance?
Germany  1 Y
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US  7 Y O
12/1/2001 Compact  N Comment User De Ressources Eculees
France  2 Y Author: Ariana D.R.
8/7/1986 Concert  N Wie Verwandelt: The Cure
Germany  1
1/1/1992 Concert  N Auf Tour Im Oktobert Tourdaten
Germany  1
1/1/1995 Concert  N Anzeige Rock Am See 17.06.95
Germany  0.5
1/1/1996 Concert  N Unknown
Germany  Kiss Cover, August?
9/1/1996 Concert  N London Tourdaten
The Cure Live In Earl's Court
Germany  1
10/1/1996 Concert  N Cure Boss Robert Smith Hat Gut Lachen!
Germany  0.5
1/1/1984 Conecte  N Unknown
Mexico  4 Y #389, Lita Ford Cover
1/1/1989 Conecte  N Unknown
Mexico  3 Y #538, Pink Floyd Cover
6/1/1990 Conecte  N The Cure
Mexico  1 Y #561, The Doors Cover
11/1/1990 Conecte  N The Cure
Mexico  1 Y #571, Depeche Mode Cover
7/1/1992 Conecte  N Unknown
Mexico  Black Sabbath Cover
1/1/1997 Conecte  N The Cure
Mexico  0.5 Y #687, Metallica Cover
1/1/2001 Conecte  N Unknown
Mexico  #389, Lita Ford Cover
6/1/1996 Contact  N La Jouvence De Cure
France  0.5
1/1/2005 Contacto Digital  N Unknown
Mexico  Y Madonna Cover
1/1/1986 Contigol  N Rock: Uma Febre Chamada The Cure
Brazil  2 Y C
1/1/1987 Cool  N Band Poster (Porl Right In Letterman Jacket, Boris Left In Leather Jacket, Robert In Middle With Shorter Hair)
France  1 Y C
1/1/1981 Cosmopolitan  N Faith Album Review
US  0.25
8/1/1996 Cosmopolitan  N Who's Doing What: The Cure
US  Laetitia Casta Cover
1/1/1985 Countdown  N Unknown
Australia  1 Design On Cover
2/18/1985 Countdown  N Robert Poster (4 Page Fold Out, Close Up Robert w/Red Background, Lipstick, Black Jacket, White Shirt, Writing On Bottom)
Australia  4 Y Madonna Cover
11/1/1985 Countdown  N Unknown
Australia  INXS (Michael Hutchence) Cover
7/1/1987 Countdown  N More Songs About Dreams Cats And Little Fuzzy Things
Australia  4 Y Bon Jovi Cover
12/1/1981 Creem  N Three Imaginary Cures
US  1.25 Y O Ray Davies (Kinks) Cover, Author: Iman Lababedi
1/1/1982 Creem  N Happily Ever After Album Review
US  1 Y O Vol. 13 #8, Mick Jagger Cover
1/1/1986 Creem  N Creem's Profiles: Robert Smith Of The Cure
US  1 Y C
1/1/1986 Creem  N The 1986 Readers Poll (Some Cure Content)
US  5 Y C
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US  4 Y O Vol. 17 #7, Van Halen Cover, Author: Sylvie Simmons
1/1/1987 Creem  N Unknown
US  1 John Fogerty Cover
12/1/1987 Creem  N The Cure December 1987 Calendar
US  2 Y O John Cougar Mellencamp Cover
4/1/1988 Creem  N Top Singles, Album, Band
US  1 N C All Magazine Covers Cover (Best of)
6/1/1989 Crossbeat  N Disintegration Album Advert (Full Page, w/Entreat Picture)
Japan  1 Y O Vol. 2, #6, Peter Gabriel Cover
9/1/1990 Crossbeat  N The Cure Play It Again, Smith
Japan  6 Y Vol. 3 #9, Keith Richards Cover
1/1/1993 Crossbeat  N The Cure (Picture Of Robert Circa 85, Hand On Neck, Wearing Gray Suit, Sitting Down)
Japan  7 Y O Author: Marianne Jonssen? Crossbeat? Date?
11/1/1993 Crossbeat  N Up Front - The Cure
Japan  0.75 Y O
2/1/1994 Crossbeat  N The Cure
Japan  Y O #2, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) Cover
5/1/1996 Crossbeat  N The Cure
Wild Mood Swings Album Advert
Japan  6 Y #5, John Lydon (Sex Pistols) Cover
1/1/2001 Crossbeat  N The Cure (Has Robert Picture Sitting Outside In Front Of A House With Vines On It And A White Fence, Circa 1987)
Japan  0.5 Y
12/1/2001 Crossbeat  N The Cure
Japan  Y #12, Limp Bizkit Cover
12/28/1997 Cure Convention Flyer  N Cure Convention 1997
US  1 Y O
6/1/1996 Cure Swing  N Fanzine
England  18 #1
10/1/1996 Cure Swing  N Fanzine
England  18 #2
10/1/1992 Curesick   N Fanzine
Russia  24 Y C #0
6/1/1996 Curse  N Fanzine
England  24 #2
5/1/1987 CV Poster  N Dix And Deja!
France  9
5/1/1996 Cyberline  N Positive Lebenseinstellung
Germany  0.5
6/1/1996 Cybermusic  N Positive Lebenseinstellung (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
Germany  0.5 Y O #6, George Michael Cover
7/1/1996 Daily Herald  N Interview With Perry And Robert
US  Author: Dan Kening
7/19/1996 Daily Herald  N Mope Goes Giddy? The Cure, Those Dour Hipsters Of Yesteryear (Well, The '80s Anyway) Are Back In Mood-Swinging Form
7/2/2005 Daily Mirror  N The Cure (Begins with 'The appearance of cult goth icons The Cure on teh Paris Live8 bill was a particularly welcome surprise...')
England  0.25 Y
6/28/1987 Dallas Morning News  N 'Kiss Me' Offers The Newest Cure
7/17/1987 Dallas Morning News  N The Cure: What The Doctor Ordered At Reunion
5/21/1989 Dallas Morning News  N The Cure's Gloom Works A Black Magic
US  1 Y O Author: Lennox Samuels
9/14/1989 Dallas Morning News  N Slow Disintegration - The Cure's Tour May Be Its Last Hurrah
US  2 Y O Author: Vicente Rodriguez
9/18/1989 Dallas Morning News  N Taking The Cure At Starplex (9-15-89 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
US  1 Y O Author: Russell Smith, I have 1 of 2 pages.
8/22/1996 Dallas Morning News  N Low Grade Fever (8-21-96 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
US  1.25 Y O Author: Tom Maurstad
12/10/1997 Dallas Morning News  N Pop Music Review: '80s Gloom Groups Darken A Receptive Bronco Bowl (12-7-97 Dallas, Texas Show Review )
US  1 Y O Author: Thor Christensen
2/23/2000 Dallas Morning News  N Cure Loves Misery (2-21-00 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
US  1 Y O Author: Thor Christensen
5/27/2000 Dallas Morning News  N Mystery Tour (5-25-00 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
US  1 Y O Author: Janet Kutner
8/14/2004 Dallas Morning News  N Hot Tips
US  0.25 Y O
8/16/2004 Dallas Morning News  N The Cure Adds Sparkle To A Night Of Perfection (8-14-04 Dallas, Texas Show Review)
US  1 Y O Author: Teresa Gubbins
1/1/1992 Dallas Newspaper  N Cure Photo (Begins with 'The Cure brings its brand of dark punk to Texas Stadium...')
US  0.5 Y O
8/24/1989 Dallas Observer  N 9-15-89 Dallas, Texas Show Advert
US  0.25 Y O
8/12/2004 Dallas Observer  N 8-14-04 Dallas, Texas Show Advert (Full Page)
Smirnoff Music Center: 8-14-04 Dallas, Texas Show Advert (1/2 Page)
'The Cure' Listening Party (Dallas Museum Of Art) Advert
Wild Mood Swings
US  2.75 Y O Author: Annie Zaleski
6/5/2008 Dallas Observer  N 6-6-08 Dallas, Texas Show Advert
Concerts - Roadshows (The Cure, 65 Days Of Static)
Critic's Picks - The Cure, 65 Days Of Static
US  1.5 Y O Author: Daniel Rodrigue
1/1/1979 De Pedaalemmer  N Unknown
Netherlands  #4, Different Clippings (With Soldiers) Cover
1/1/1979 De Pedaalemmer  N Unknown
Netherlands  #3, Different Clippings Cover
6/19/1981 De Tijd  N Het Pop-Circus Van The Cure
Netherlands  1 Author: Jim Van Alphen
6/1/2007 Death Rock  N A Life Less Lived Box Set Advert (Full Page)
Looking Glass Girl - The Glove's Ginette Landray Speaks
Song Of The Banshees
US  11 Y O Summer 07, Issue 1 Vol. 1, Goth Girl Cover, Glove Article Author: Alex Baker, Banshees Article Author: Phillip Henken
1/1/1983 Debut  N Small Talk With The Cure
England  1.25 Y #2, LP Magazine
12/1/1990 Decades  N Place De La Republique 6/21/90
Punk Is Not Dead
  3 #0, Fanzine
3/1/1991 Decades  N Close To Me (Remix) Single Review
Mixed Up Album Review
Never Enough Single Review
  1 #1, Fanzine
10/1/1985 Depeche Rock  N Gossips (Begins with 'Et enfin! La tournee mondiale de Cure s'achevera en France...')
Head On The Door Album Review (Begins with 'Cure a toujours ete dans les nuages. Un leger stratus fin et transparent...')
The Cure: En Maintenant Ils Curent
France  1.75 Y O #1, Gainsbourg Cover, Article Author: Christian Copin, Review Author: Ariel Kyrou
11/18/1996 Der Standard  N Erinnerungen An Das GroBe Wiener Lach- & Amusierverbot
Germany  1 Y C Author: Christian Schachinger
5/19/1982 Der Tagesspiegel  N Dreitonkunstler - The Cure Im Metropol
Germany  0.5 N C Author: Jochen Metzner
12/4/1985 Der Tagesspiegel  N Minuten Der Wahrheit
Germany  1 Y C Author: Bernward Halbscheffel
11/14/2002 Der Tagesspiegel  N Wer Hat Angst Vorm Spinnenmann?
Germany  1 Y O #17944, Author: Luke Von Volker
8/1/2004 Der Tagesspiegel  N Hit Parade: The Cure - Diese Woche Auf Platz 14 Mit: 'The Cure'
Germany  0.5 Y O Author: Ralph Geisenhansluke, Date?
1/1/1987 Details  N Begins with 'I've never been able to accept that fashion exists...'
US  0.25 Y O
9/1/1987 Details  N Chris Finds A Cure - A Conversation Between Chris Spedding And Robert Smith About Everything But Their Music
US  2 Y O Girl With Weird Hair Cover, Author: Chris Spedding
12/1/1990 Details  N Incureable:The Bigger The Headache, The Bigger The Cure
US  4.5 Y O A Guy And Penelope Ann Miller Cover
7/1/1992 Details  N Head Trip
US  4.5 Y O Anthony Kedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Cover
6/1/1996 Details  N Musical Questions: Robert Smith The Cure
US  1 Y O Nicholas Cage Cover
7/1/1997 Details  N The Gloom Generation
US  8 Y O Jakob Dylan And Jewel Cover, Author: Susan Colon
5/1/1996 Detour  N Good For What Ails You
US  2 Y O Dennis Quaid Cover, Author: Kurt B. Reighley
3/1/2000 Detour  N Unknown
US  Lucy Liu Cover
1/1/1986 Detroit Free Press  N A Few Words With... The Cure (Laurence Tolhurst)
US  0.25 Y C Author: Gary Graff
7/27/1987 Detroit Free Press  N Sound Judgement: A Sure Cure Doesn't Need U.S. Popularity
US  1 Y O Author: John D. Gonzalez
7/10/1992 Detroit Free Press  N The Cure's Master Of Moping Finds A Bit Of Touring Joy
12/12/1997 Detroit Free Press  N Darlings Of Despair For 18 Years, The Cure Is Having Fun
US  1 Y O Author: Jim Sullivan
1/1/1986 Detroit News  N Begins with 'If The Head On The Door belonged to Robert Smith, lead singer for the British band...'
US  0.25 N C
7/14/1986 Detroit News  N Name The Cure? Only Its Hairdresser Can For Sure
US  2.25 Y O Author: Mark Coleman
7/29/1987 Detroit News  N The Cure's Robert Smith Kisses Away His Despair
US  1.5 Y O Author: Susan Whitall
1/1/1989 Detroit News  N Begins with 'Another Palace show has been announced: The Cure, with lead singer Robert Smith...'
US  0.25 Y O
7/1/2004 Discoplay  N 'The Cure' Album Review
Brazil  0.25 Y Brazil?
2/8/2008 DN  N Scen: Munter Depprocks-Maraton
Sweden  1 Y Author: Fredrik Strage
10/1/1987 DNTelevision  N Enfants Du Rock: Traitement De Choc
France  1
10/1/1987 Dolly  N Unknown
Australia  2.5 Y Model Cover
8/1/1992 Dolly  N Unknown
Australia  0.5 Y Girl In Red Polka Dot Dress And Simon Denny Cover
6/1/1996 Drum Media  N Record of the Week (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
9/16/2003 Drum Media  N Unknown
Australia  #667, Jet Cover
7/12/2005 Drum Media  N Unknown
Australia  #760, Moby Cover
2/1/2002 D-Side  N The Cure (Begins with 'Pas encore separe...')
France  1 Y #8, Author: Yannick Blay
5/1/2003 D-Side  N The Cure, Trilogy (Begins with 'Entame des la sortie...')
France  2 Y Author: Jean-Francois Micard
1/1/2004 D-Side  N Telex: The Cure (Join The Dots Box Set Review, Begins with 'Les fans de Robert Smith et sa bande...')
France  1 Y
1/1/2008 D-Side  N Unknown
France  #44, Miss Kittin Cover, CD Includes Cover Of ANLT By Wayne Hussey.
7/1/2003 DVD Home  N The Cure Trilogy (Trilogy DVD Review)
France  0.5 Y Author: Davy Adam
1/1/1985 Dziewczyna  N Osaczony Muzyka
Poland  1 Y C
8/1/1981 Dzuboks  N Muzika Koja Ne Mora Nikom Da Se Dopadne
Yugoslavia  2 Y C Author: Slobodan Cicmil
3/1/1982 Dzuboks  N Morbidna Psihodelija
Yugoslavia  2 Y #28, Leb I Sol Cover
10/3/2007 East Bay Express  N In Between Albums
US  Author: Gelu Sulugiuc
7/1/1986 East Village Eye  N Something To Clap About
US  1.25 Y O John Lydon (PIL) Cover, Author: Michael Azzerad
10/11/1989 EC Rocker  N Unknown
US  #168 Def Leppard Cover
1/1/1987 Eh Benalors  N Fanzine - Cure In Europe, Cure In Lievin 1987
France  3 Y C #0
2/14/2008 Ekstra Bladet  N Forvokset Weltschmerz (2-13-08 Copenhagen, Denmark Show Review)
Denmark  0.5 Y Date?, Author: Henrik Queitsch
10/25/1993 El Gran Musical  N Unknown
Spain  2 Y Janet Jackson Cover
1/28/2000 El Pais   N There It Is, Robert Smith Ends The Cure
Brazil  2 Author: Diego A. Manrique
5/3/2004 El Pais  N The Cure, En El Paseo De La Fama
Brazil  0.5 Y
6/11/2004 El Pais  N Tentaciones: La Entrevista Gotica Del Senor Smith / El Padrino Gotico
Brazil  4.5 Y Author: ? Sersdedos
12/1/1999 Elegy  N Les 20 Ans Du Mouvement Gothique (Cure Mention)
France  6
2/1/2000 Elegy  N Des Fleurs De Sange Comme Remede?
France  4 #8, Girl With Ball Of Light Cover
3/1/2000 Elegy  N The Cure
France  2 #9, Green/Artistic Design Cover
12/1/2001 Elegy  N Greatest Hits Album Advert
The Cure En Route Pour Une Nouvelle Decade
France  5.5 Y O #19, Reed 013 Cover, Author: Francois Marlier
6/1/2003 Elegy  N The Cure (Trilogy DVD Review)
France  0.5 Y #28
12/1/2003 Elegy  N La Boite A Robert
France  0.25 Y
11/1/2008 Elegy  N Unknown
France  Goth Girl Cartoon Sitting In Chair Cover
1/1/1984 Elektra  N Elektra Biography - The Cure
US  2 Y C
1/1/1982 Element Minimaliste  N Fanzine - Interview De Lol Tolhurst Par Tits (Brielpoort, Deinze)
France  3.25 Y C #6
1/1/1983 Element Minimaliste  N Fanzine
France  2 Y
1/1/1987 Elle  N Les Concerts
France  1
1/1/1987 Elle  N L'oeil Sur Eux: The Cure
France  1
10/1/1992 Elle  N Cure: Ca Plane Pour Eux!
France  1 #2442
8/14/1996 Elle  N Rock: Cure Est De Retour!
France  0.5 Y O Author: Sacha Reins
3/1/2004 Elle  N Culte Le Curieux Look De The Cure
France  1 Y Author: Nicholas Valladis
7/1/2005 Elle  N Robert Pic (To Advertise St. Malo Festival)
France  0.25 Y
12/1/2004 Elle Girl  N Anyone Seen My Eyeliner?
US  0.25 Y O Gwen Stefani Cover
1/1/2000  N Algo Se Muere En El Alma
Spain  2 Y O Author: Carlos Moreno Rodriguez
8/1/1993 Empire  N Robert Smith Enigmatic Pop Person
England   1 Jurassic Park Cover
11/1/1979 En Attendant  N Trois Garcons Invisibles
Belgium  1 Y O #22, Author: Nadine Milo
1/1/1981 En Attendant  N Face Au Public The Cure
Belgium  0.75 N C Author: Nadine Milo, En Attendant?
4/5/1991 Entertainment Weekly  N They Want To Be Alone
US  0.25 Y O Author: JF
8/21/1991 Entertainment Weekly  N Unknown
US  Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover
5/13/1996 Entertainment Weekly  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
US  Author: Tom Sinclair
12/19/2003 Entertainment Weekly  N How Blink-182 Found The Cure (Comic Strip)
US  3 Y O #742, Nicole Kidman/Rene Zellweger/Jude Law Cover, Authors: Neil Drumming And Mark Zingarelli, This is only in the issue that has a red right hand corner that says "Listen To This" (for subscribers only?).
2/27/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N The Must List - #1 Join The Dots Box Set
US  0.25 Y O #753, Viggo Mortensen - Lord Of The Rings (Oscar Preview) Cover
4/16/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N Listen To This: This Year's Cure
US  4 Y O #760, Quentin Tarantino Cover, Author: Brian Hiatt, Subscription only version.
5/14/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N Report From Coachella: Angst For The Memories (5-2-04 Coachella Show Review)
US  0.75 Y O Brad Pitt Cover, Author: Michael Endelman
5/28/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N Summer Music: Albums Calendar 2004
US  1 Y No Doubt Cover, Author: Beth Johnson
6/18/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N Listen 2 This: Cure Concert Drinking Game
US  1 N #770, Subscription Only Issue
6/25/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N 137 People And Things We Love This Summer - The Cure #107
US  0.25 N #771, Christian Bale (Batman) Cover
7/9/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N 'The Cure' Album Review
US  0.5 Y O #773, Michael Moore Cover, Author: DB
9/17/2004 Entertainment Weekly  N This Man Rocks (Roger Talks About Bob Moog Briefly)
US  4 Y O Gweneth Paltrow Cover, Author: Nancy Miller
4/15/2005 Entertainment Weekly  N Latest In Reissues (Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and Pornography)
US  0.25 Y
4/29/2005 Entertainment Weekly  N #4 - The Cure (Begins with 'Each of the three new reissues...')
US  0.25 N
8/11/2006 Entertainment Weekly  N Worth The Upgrade? The Cure
US  0.25 N Author: ME
3/9/2007 Entertainment Weekly  N Korn Unplugged CD Review
US  0.25 Y O #924, Jennifer Hudson Cover, Author: Leah Greenblatt
1/1/1996 Entry  N The Cure Biographie Teil 3 + 4
Germany  5
1/1/1996 Entry  N The Cure Biographie Teil 1 + 2
Germany  5
7/7/1983 Ephemeral Youth  N The Cure: Interview With Laurence Tolhurst
US  2 N O #3, Echo And The Bunnymen Cover
4/1/1991 Eres  N The Cure
Mexico  3 Y Angelica And Arango Cover
5/1/1992 Eres  N The Cure
Mexico  3 Y The New Generation Eres Cover
3/1/2000 Eres  N The Cure
Mexico  2 Y Lenny And Colina Cover
10/1/2004 Esquire  N Robert Smith: Lead Singer, The Cure (Robert Takes Photos Of His Favorite Things)
US  1 Y O Gisele Bundchen Cover
4/1/2000 Etc  N Bloodflowers Album Review
Malaysia  1 Y Hillary Swank Cover
1/1/1983 Etcetra  N The Man With The Cure (About Andy Vella/Parched Art)
England  1 Y O Author: P.P. Hartnett
7/11/2004 Europe World News  N Pop - Oxegen Festival (7-10-04 Dublin, Ireland Show Review)
Ireland  0.5 Y O Author: Nick Kelly
4/1/2000 Eurostar  N The Cure: Back To Earth Reintegration
France  0.75 Y
10/1/2008 Evening Standard  N 4:13 Dream Album Review (Begins with 'I'M NOT entirely sure what size Robert Smith is at the moment but his band has slimmed down...')
England  0.25 Y Date (Day)?, Author: Pete Clark
11/7/2002 Ex Berliner  N Highlights (11-11/12-02 Berlin, Germany Show Review)
Germany  1 Y
9/6/2004 Excelsior  N Se Encontro 'La Cura' A Un Maldicion De 25 Anos!
Mexico  1 Y
10/1/1996 Exclaim!  N The Cure @ Varsity Arena
Canada  1
7/1/2004 Exclaim!  N 'The Cure' Album And 8-9-04 Toronto Show Advert (Full Page)
The Cure: Three Imaginary Decades
Canada  3 Y O Author: Cam Lindsay
4/11/2007 Exit!  N The Cure: Festival 2005 (DVD Review)
Hungary  1 Y Cillian Murphy Cover, Author: Lang Vince
6/28/1989 Exito  N Chegamos
Decada De Anguistias
Fas Dos Cure Deslumbram - Nos Com Obras De Arte
Tres Horas Que Nunca Mais Se Esquecem!
Portugal  7 Y C #266, Authors: R.G. And S.N.
12/1/1989 Exposure  N The Cure: King Of Pain
US  2
8/6/1990 Express  N Kaftan, Kreuze, Kerzen: 'The Cure' In Concert
Germany  1
7/11/1996 Eye Weekly  N Inside The Latest Cure (Wild Mood Swings Album Review)
Canada  1 Author: Perry Stern
4/1/1988 Fabiola  N Robert Drawing
Belgium  1 Y O
5/1/1989 Fabiola  N Disintegration: Komt Er Sleet Op The Cure?
Belgium  4 #34
1/1/1986 Faces  N Robert Smith: Ist Mary Treu
Germany  0.5 Y C With Transcript, Bravo - Girl
8/1/1986 Fachblatt  N Begins with 'News: Stolze zehn Jahre ist es jetzt her...'
Germany  1 Y C
4/1/1996 Fachblatt  N Eine Fragen Der Einstellung
Germany  4 Y C Author: Thomas Hammerl
2/1/1998 Fachblatt  N The Cure Am Ende?
Germany  4
1/1/1987 Fan Club  N The Cure (Begins with 'Time for a Cure update, kids. We had a phone call...')
Canada  1 Y C
1/1/1989 Fan Poster  N Lire Attentivement La Notice
  2 #14
1/1/1983 Fast Forward  N Siouxsie Cured!
England  1 Y C Author: Brian Harrigan/Carol Clerk
11/28/1996 FAZ  N Schwarzseher - 'The Cure' In Deutschland
Germany  0.5 Y C Author: Andreas Obst
1/1/1995 Festival Info  N The Cure - Einziges Konzert In Deutschland
Germany  2
8/2/2002 Fiber  N El Telefilme De Nuestras Vidas
Spain  1 Y Author: Jesus Llorente
11/1/1987 Figaro Lyon  N L'Intox Cure
4/1/2000 Figaro Scope  N Bloodflowers Album Review
France  0.25 Y
1/1/1985 Filles  N Une Saison En Enfer
France  1
1/1/1994 Filles  N Si On Ecoutait... (The Cure - Show)
Tribe Vol. 1 #12 Mini Mag
France  4.5 Y O Vol. 14 #3, Jessica Barker (Girl With Scarf) Cover
1/1/1986 Filles D'Aujourd'Hui  N Robert Poster (Robert Live Playing Guitar With Crimped Hair In His Face, Wearing Black, Black Background)
Canada  2 Y
10/1/2004 Filter  N Lost Days With Interpol: A Diary Of Antics (Mentions The Cure)
Napster Filtered Advert
US  8.5 Y O #12, Interpol Cover, Author: Gregg LaGambina
5/1/2005 Filter  N Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and Pornography Reissues Album Review (Begins with 'Openly revising his own history...')
US  0.5 Y O Spring '05 Issue, Queens Of The Stone Age, Review Author: Bernardo Rondeau
8/1/2005 Filter  N 8-5-05 Benicassim, Spain (FIB Heineken Festival) Show Advert (Full Page)
Events - Benicassim 2005 Preview
Filter Back Issues Advert (With Cure Cover)
England  1.75 Y O Coldplay Cover
6/3/2002 Flaunt  N Interview With Robert
1/1/1981 Flexipop  N A Cure For Christmas
England  2 Y O #13, Gillian Cover, Author: Paul Cox
6/1/1981 Flexipop  N Faith Album Review
England  0.5 N C #7
7/1/1982 Flexipop  N Hanging Garden Single Advert
Next Flexi The Cure (Pic Of Band)
Schools On 45: The Hanging Garden - The Cure (Begins with 'VICKY: They should have released 'A Strange Day'...')
Welcome To The Working Week
England  3 Y O #21, Belle Stars Cover, Author: Robert Smith
8/1/1982 Flexipop  N W/Lament Flexi Only, No Article
England  N #22, ABC (Guy In Chair On Cover)
7/1/2004 Focus  N 'Von Der Buhne Gefallen'
Germany  1 Y O #29, Author: Jorg Rohleder
6/3/2003 Focus Knack  N #43 - Disintegration, #67 - Pornograpy
Belgium  0.5 Y O #22, Album 100 Cover
1/10/2000 Folha De Sao Paulo  N Bloodflower Opens Up The Cure's Wounds
Bloodflowers Album Review
Brazil  Review Author: Luciano Vianna
2/1/1983 Fool's Mate  N The Cure (With Picture Of Band Circa 1979)
Japan  1 Y #25, John Lydon Cover
6/1/1983 Fool's Mate  N Unknown
Japan  This Heat Cover?
2/1/1984 Fool's Mate  N Japanese Whispers Album Advert
Unknown (With Robert And Lol Picture)?
Japan  1 Y O #34, Echo And The Bunnymen Cover, is there also a Robert and Lol poster?
7/1/1986 Fool's Mate  N Unknown (Picture Of Robert With Large Hair, Red Background)
Japan  2 Y #58, Peter Murphy Cover
6/1/1987 Fool's Mate  N The Cure (Robert Close Up, Wearing Black Suit With Black Shirt Underneath)
Japan  2 Y #69, Asian Man Cover
2/1/1989 Fool's Mate  N Unknown
Japan  1 #89, Buck-Tick Cover
6/1/1989 Fool's Mate  N Disintegration Album Review
Unknown Article
Japan  6.25 Y #93, House Of Love Cover
8/1/1989 Fool's Mate  N The Cure
Japan  2 Y #8, Man Close Up On Cover
1/1/1986 Formel 1  N Der 'Head' Robert Smith - Poster Story
Germany  1
3/1/1987 Foto Music  N De Nouveau Chez Les Cure
France  0.5 Y O
6/1/1987 Foto Music  N La Voix Fait Tout!
France  3 #15
1/1/1998 FourFourTwo  N Who's The B**tard In The Black?
US  US or England? Author: Richard Pendleton
1/1/1990 Frage  N The Cure Robert Smith Im Interview
Germany  1.5 Y O
1/1/1987 France Soir  N The Cure Met Un Village En Ebullition
France  1 Y O Author: Florence Tredez
11/10/1987 France Soir  N Cyril (17 ans): 'Je Fais Une Cure De Reve'
France  1 Y
9/13/1988 France Soir  N Mariage A La Cure
France  0.5 Y O Author: Florence Tredez
8/7/1989 France Soir  N A Bercy, Ce Soir Et Demain - The Cure: Appele A Regner
France  1 Y O Author: Florence Tredez
6/21/1990 France Soir  N Les Rendez-Vous Musicaux De...
France  0.5 Y
2/17/2000 France Soir  N Robert Smith En Cure Terminale
France  1 Y Author: Laurent Mereu
4/1/2000 France Soir  N Cure Toujours
France  0.5 #425
4/25/2000 France Soir  N Culture: Cure Toujours
France  1.25 Y Author: Laurent Mereu
7/6/2004 France Soir  N Cure De Jouvence (Begins with 'Si vous n'aimez pas The Cure, vous n'aimez pas The Cure...')
France  1 Y O Author: Julien Jarsalle
4/29/1989 Frankfurter Runddchau Newspaper  N Gruselige Grufties Geben Gas
Germany  1 Y C Author: Martin Scholz
11/28/1996 Frankfurter Rundschtau  N Verebbte Wellen
Germany  1 Y C Author: Stefan Michalzik, Frankfurter Rundsc???
11/1/1990 Free  N Digitale Kuur: Fantastische Metamorfose
Netherlands  1 Y Herman Brood Cover
1/1/1992 Free  N The Cure: Een Vlijmscherpe Come Back
Netherlands  Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) Cover
1/1/1992 Free Rock  N Unknown
Spain  1 Def Con Dos Cover, Date?
11/20/1996 Fritz  N Fritz Das Magazine Prasentiert: The Cure
Germany  0.25
11/26/1996 Fritz  N August Schartner Halle, Hanau
Germany  1
1/1/1989 Fun  N The Cure - An Interview
Germany  1
1/1/2002 Gaffa  N Unknown
Denmark  3 Gaffa Prisen 2001
1/1/2001 Gala  N Une Tournee Et Un Album Pour Noa..
Belgium  0.5 Y 2001?
6/1/1988 Gargoyle  N Kiour
Japan  2 Y Vol. #2, Joe Strummer (The Clash) Cover, Date?
4/1/2000 Gazoil Magazine  N The Cure (Strasbourg Show)
Belgium  #7
7/1/1996 Generacion XXI  N Unknown
Ecuador  #4, Shakira Cover
12/4/1981 Georgia Straight  N Unknown
Canada  Dan Hill Cover
1/1/2000 Ghastly  N Unknown
  #10, Scary Guy Cover, 01-01-??
5/22/1981 Gig  N Trois Garcons Imaginaires
France  2 Y C #6, Author: Bruno R.B.
8/8/1987 Girl  N Band Poster (Band All In White Shirts, Overlooking Mountains, With Palm Trees In The Background)
England  2 Y #339, Girl In Green Top/Yellow Skirt Cover
12/1/1992 Gitarre & Bass  N The Cure: Bekenntnisse Eines Pop - Masterminds
Germany  10 Y O Guitar Cover
4/30/2004 Go  N Manchester Show Advert
England  1 Y Britney Spears Cover, Manchester Newspaper Insert
5/7/2004 Go  N Manchester Show Advert
England  Sting Cover, Manchester Newspaper Insert
4/1/1983 Goldmine  N Let's Go To Bed Single Review
7/9/1993 Goldmine  N The Cure: Fact And Fiction - A Brief Recording History
US  5 Y O Vol. 19 No. 13 #338, Eagles Cover, Author: Holly Ian
7/29/1986 Good Times  N Pro-Music: The Cure - The Jones Beach Theatre (7-7-86 Wantagh, New York Show Review)
US  1.25 Y O #425, Judas Priest Cover, Author: Barbara Wasek
6/1/1999 GQ  N The History Of Rock And Roll Hair
US  1 Y O Mike Meyers Cover, Author: Peter Zaremba
2/1/2004 GQ  N Essentials - Music: Join The Dots Box Set Review (Begins with 'Robert Smith's floppy-haired...')
US  0.25 Y O Ashton Kutcher Cover
11/1/1985 Graffiti  N Small Cure Story
France  Vol. 1 #11, Bryan Adams Cover
1/1/1986 Graffiti  N The Cure - Pop Goes The Gloom
Canada  2 Y Vol. 2 #10, David Lee Roth Cover, Author: Perry Stern
9/1/1986 Graffiti  N Tournee Triomphale
France  2 Y O #22, Linda De Suza Cover, Author: R. Herde
1/1/1987 Graffiti  N Fiche Cure
5/1/1987 Graffiti  N Bons Baisers Des Cure
France  3 Y C #31
7/1/1987 Graffiti  N Robert Smith: Toujours Tu M'Interesses. Cure De A a Z.
France  3 Y C #33
8/1/1987 Graffiti  N The Cure: Kiss Me X Three
Canada  3 Y O Vol. 3 #2, U2 Cover, Author: Kris Needs
1/1/1988 Graffiti  N Cure Poster
France  Many People Cover
7/1/1989 Graffiti  N Albumscopie
France  2
1/1/1979 Grim Humour  N Fanzine
England  Issue 10, Skeleton Guy and Guy In Black Shirt Drawings Cover
1/1/1985 Grim Humour  N 4-25-85 Royal Albert Hall Show Review And Article
England  #8, Werewolf Drawing Cover
1/1/1980 Grinding Halt  N Unknown
England  #9, Spiders And Spider Web Cover
1/1/1980 Grinding Halt  N Fanzine - The Cure (Begins with 'For the first time ever, we bring you, for your delight and edification...')
London, England The Marquee Show Review (Begins with 'The Cure opened their third night at the Marquee...')
England  2.5 Y O #4, The Ruts Cover
10/1/2004 Grupo Reforma - Top Magazzine  N Los 'Top' De Robert Smith
Mexico  1 Y Author: Juan Carlos Garcia
3/1/1997 Guitar  N Greatest Riffs On MTV (Just Like Heaven)
US  1 N O MTV Cover
1/1/1997 Guitar & Bass  N News: Boys Don't Split
France  1 #36
1/1/1988 Guitar Legends  N Curiouser & Curiouser
England  3 Y O Dire Straits Cover, Author: Chris Roberts, Created By International Musician And Recording World
1/1/1992 Guitar Player  N A Frethead's Cure Discographie, Biographie, And Interview
England  10
3/1/1998 Guitar Player  N The 20 Most Influential Brit-Pop Guitarists
US  5 Y O Pete Townshend (The Who) Cover
1/1/2006 Guitar Player  N Schecter Ultracure
US  3.5 Y O INXS Cover, Author: Art Thompson
11/1/1993 Guitar World   N Just Like Heaven Tablature
US  Pearl Jam Cover/Joe Satriani Cover (2 Covers Were Issued)
6/1/1996 Guitar World  N The Gothfather
US  10 Y O Pantera Cover
1/1/2004 Guitar World  N Fascination Street Bass Tablature
Some Cure Mentions In Blink 182 Interview
US  4.25 N O Blink 182 Cover, Tab Transcription Author: Jeff Perrin
11/1/2004 Guitar World  N Mope Springs Eternal
US  5 Y O Jet Cover, Author: Alan Di Perna
1/1/1992 Guitar World Acoustic  N Friday I'm In Love
US  Neil Young Cover
1/1/1981 Guitare Magazine  N Les Cure Soignent La Molless
France  2 Y C
2/1/2000 Guitarist  N Cure En Traitement
France  2 #121
6/29/1985 Hamburg Evening Paper  N Vernebelte Klangkaskaden
Germany  0.25
10/27/1987 Hamburger Abendblatt  N Wunderkerzen Fur Die Gezahmten
Germany  0.5
11/1/1996 HamburgSzene Journal  N In Concert: The Cure
Germany  0.25
1/1/1992 Handbill  N High Single Advert (2 Sided)
US  2 Y O
10/7/1997 Handbill  N After Cure Party
US  0.5 Y C
12/11/1997 Handbill  N 12-11-1997 Chicago, Illinois WKQX Twisted Christmas Show Advert
US  1 Y O
7/18/1998 Handbill  N 7-18-98 Zebrugge, Belgium Axion Beach Show Advert
Belgium  4 Y O
7/23/1998 Handbill  N 7-23-98 Nimes, France Show Advert
France  0.5 Y O
2/1/2000 Handbill  N Advert (2 Sided)
England  2 Y O
4/3/2000 Handbill  N Ekova - Dream Tour Advert #1
France  1 Y O
7/2/2000 Handbill  N 7-2-00 Werchter, Belgium Show Advert #2
Belgium  1 Y O
7/2/2000 Handbill  N 7-2-00 Werchter, Belgium Show Advert #1
Belgium  1 N O
7/1/2001 Handbill  N 7-1-01 Roskilde, Denmark Show Advert
Denmark  1 Y O
7/9/2004 Handbill  N 7-9-04 Manchester, England Move Festival Advert
England  1 Y O
7/3/2004 Heat  N 'The Cure' Album Review (Begins with 'In a nutshell: Four years after Bloodflowers the legendary mad-haired miserablists...')
England  0.5 Y O Author: Jason Arnopp
11/12/1996 Het Belang Van Limburg  N Boys Don't Cry, Maar Bij The Cure Mag Het
Belgium  1.5 Y Author: Stijn Meuris
12/14/1979 Het Vrije Volk  N Pop Zaterdag (Begins with 'The Cure, Engelse New-Wave De groep...')
Netherlands  0.25 N
6/20/1981 Het Vrije Volk  N The Cure-Toernee In Circustent
Netherlands  1 N
6/29/1981 Het Vrije Volk  N Volle Tent Bij Bijzonder Avondje Cure
Netherlands  1 N Author: Louis De Moulin
1/1/1986 Hey  N Cure - Korkulu Duslerin Yarattigi Grup...
Turkey  1 Y Nick Rhodes Cover
1/1/1986 Hey  N Unknown
Turkey  1 Y Sandra Kim Cover
1/1/1979 Hi Fi For Pleasure  N Pop Picks: Three Imaginary Boys Album Review (Begins with 'The Cure are living proof that you don't need synthesisers to push back the boundaries of rock...')
England  0.5 N C Hi Fi For Pleasure? Author: David Aldridge
9/1/1987 HiFi-Vision  N Kur - Schatten
Germany  1 Y O Author: Matthias Immel
9/1/1989 HiFi-Vision  N Fur Mich Gibt Es Nur Ein Konzept: Schumtzig
Germany  2 Y C
1/1/1987 Hit  N Comp Winners: The Cure
Robert Poster (Circa '87, Wearing Betty Boop Shirt, Grabbing Shirt)
Australia  1.25 Y O Australia? Date?
1/1/1990 Hit  N Der Cure - Kult
Germany  2
1/1/1992 Hit  N Lebenslust Und Lebensfrust
Germany  3
1/1/1989 Hit Songwords  N Unknown
Australia  Madonna Cover
12/1/1990 Hit Songwords  N Never Enough Song Lyrics
Australia  Kylie Minogue Cover
8/28/1980 Hitkrant  N De Ideeen Van Robert Smith - The Cure Doet Niet Mee!
Netherlands  1 Y O #35, Kate Bush Cover, Author: Mick Boskamp
1/1/1982 Hitkrant  N Nieuws- The Cure: Problemen
Netherlands  0.25 Y O Date?
1/13/1983 Hitkrant  N Nieuws: The Cure Nu Duo
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #2
8/6/1983 Hitkrant  N The Cure - 'Wekunnen Alleen Onszelf Genezen'
Netherlands  1 Y O #31
5/5/1984 Hitkrant  N Melodieus Flirten Met Angst En Gekte - Hit: The Caterpillar
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #18
6/2/1984 Hitkrant  N 'Ik Begin Weer Een Beetjie Zin In Het Leven Te Krijgen'
Netherlands  2 Y O #22, The Herreys Cover
11/17/1984 Hitkrant  N The Cure's Robert Smith - 'Ik Bliif Een Lieve, Hartstochtelijke Leugenaar'
Netherlands  2 Y O #46
9/28/1985 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (In Black Suit, Top Era, With Crooked Lipstick)
Netherlands  2 Y O #39
10/19/1985 Hitkrant  N Single Van De Week - Close To Me Single Review ('Een opvallend opgewekt...')
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #42
10/26/1985 Hitkrant  N The Cure's Voorman Robert Smith - 'Ik Ben Een Eigenwijze Dondersteen'
Netherlands  2 Y O #43, Andrew Ridgeley Cover
11/2/1985 Hitkrant  N The Cure Zingt Close To Me (Close To Me Single Lyrics)
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #44
11/9/1985 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (Band In Suits, Robert With Big Hair And Blue Shirt, Porl Has Brooch Clipped On His Suit)
Netherlands  2 Y O #45
1/1/1986 Hitkrant  N Unknown
Netherlands  #26, Rene Shuman Cover
2/22/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Smith (The Cure) Gooit Zijn Masker Af - 'Soms Voel Ik Me Net Een Etalagepop'
Netherlands  2 Y O #8
3/1/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Sitting In Corner Clutching Knees, Wearing Suit W/Blue Shirt, Hightops, Big Hair)
Netherlands  2 Y O #9
6/14/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Smith Vindt Inspiratie In Kinderjaren - 'Ik Ging Naar School In Een Zwarte Soepjurk'
Songteksten - Boys Don't Cry
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #24
6/28/1986 Hitkrant  N Cure-Meiden Laten Hun Jongens Nooit In De Steek
Netherlands  2 Y O #26, Joepie? Belgium?
7/19/1986 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Giant Fold-Out Poster, Close Up Of Head, Wearing Grey Suit W/Black Shirt Underneath)
Netherlands  6 Y O #29
11/22/1986 Hitkrant  N Jawel! Dit Is Robert Smith
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #47
1/31/1987 Hitkrant  N Sticker (Robert And Lol)
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #5
5/9/1987 Hitkrant  N 'Een Kus Van The Cure En Een Plaats Vooruit, Maar Niet In De Hitparade'
Wie Wil Er Een Countdown/The Cure T-Shirt?
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #19
5/23/1987 Hitkrant  N Article
Robert Poster (In Black Suit W/White Shirt, Close Up Shot, Looks Like Suit/Hair From Catch Video, B/W Poster)
Netherlands  2.5 Y O #21, I only have poster.
6/6/1987 Hitkrant  N Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Album Advert
Netherlands  1 Y O #23, Duran Duran Cover
6/6/1987 Hitkrant  N Elpec Van De Week - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Begins with 'De hoes rond deze Cure...')
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #23
6/13/1987 Hitkrant  N Article
Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Short Hair, Everyone Wearing Light Colored Shirt Except Simon Who Is Wearing Black)
Netherlands  2 Y O #24
6/20/1987 Hitkrant  N 'Na Een Kwartiertje...' (Catch Video Shoot)
Voor The Cure's Robert Smith Breken Vervelende Maanden Aan
Netherlands  2 Y O #25, George Michael Cover
8/8/1987 Hitkrant  N The Cure Komt Naar Nederland!
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #32
8/15/1987 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Black Sweater And Betty Boop Shirt Underneath, Simon In Leather Jacket, Roger In Back)
Netherland  2 Y O #33, Wham Cover
10/31/1987 Hitkrant  N De Braziliaanse Kuur Van
Netherlands  1 Y O #44, Michael Jackson Cover
11/7/1987 Hitkrant  N Cure Poster (B/W Poster, Robert W/Black Sweater And Betty Boop Shirt Underneath, Simon In Leather Jacket, Roger In Back)
Netherlands  2 Y O #45
11/21/1987 Hitkrant  N The Cure: Nog Steeds Zo Gek Als Een Deur?
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #47, Rick Astley Cover
1/16/1988 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Robert Singing With Music Note Drawings In Background)
Netherlands  2 Y O #2
4/16/1988 Hitkrant  N The Cure: Robert Smith Solo!
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #15
5/14/1988 Hitkrant  N The Cure Doet Een Boekj Open
Netherlands  0.5 Y O #19
9/10/1988 Hitkrant  N Robert Smith Getrouwd!
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #36
4/22/1989 Hitkrant  N Robert Smiths Dure Gril
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #16
5/6/1989 Hitkrant  N Unknown
Netherlands  2 #18
6/3/1989 Hitkrant  N Robert Poster (Robert In Polka Dot Shirt With Hands By His Face, Reddish Purple Tint To Picture)
Netherlands  2 Y O #22
6/17/1989 Hitkrant  N 5 Vrage - The Cure 'Een Cure-fan is het type mens dat troost brengt op een begrafenis'
Netherlands  0.75 Y O
9/30/1989 Hitkrant  N Lovesong Lyrics
Robert Smith Van The Cure - 'Zonder Die Lipstick Zouden De Mensen Niet Geloven Dat Ik Het Was!'
Netherlands  2 Y O #39
4/25/1992 Hitkrant  N The Cure Nog Altijd Hoogvliegers
Netherlands  0.25 Y O #17
5/9/1992 Hitkrant  N The Cure Is In Feite Een 'Jong Groepje' Gebleven - 'We Zijn Egoisten. We Moeten Telkens Ons Ei Kwijtraken'
Netherlands  1 Y O #19
8/4/1986 Hits  N Elektra's Hits List - Standing On A Beach Album Advert
US  1 Y O
4/6/1992 Hits  N High Single Advert
US  1 Y O
4/27/1992 Hits  N Album In Stores Now! Shipped Platinum. - Friday I'm In Love Single Advert
US  1 Y O
6/1/1992 Hits  N Wildcard! - Friday I'm In Love Single Advert
US  1 Y O
8/31/1992 Hits  N A Letter To Elise Single Advert
US  1 Y O
1/10/1994 Hits  N Purple Haze Single Advert
US  1 Y O
4/15/1996 Hits  N The 13th Single Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O
6/26/1987 Hoerzu  N The Cure
Germany  0.5
7/1/1986 Hot Hits  N Robert Poster
England  2 Y Issue #1, George Michael Cover
10/12/1979 Hot Press  N An Imaginary Interview
Ireland  0.5 Y Author: John McKenna
1/1/1987 Hot Press  N Begins with 'Robert Smith of The Cure takes time off from being the world's favourite'
Ireland  0.25 Y O
8/13/1987 Hot Press  N Bob's Story
Ireland  2 Mary Coughlan Cover
6/29/1989 Hot Press  N 7-15-89 Dublin, Ireland Show Advert
Ireland  0.5 Y
7/4/2004 Hot Press  N 7-10-04 Dublin, Ireland Show Advert (Full Page)
Goth What It Takes ('The Cure' Album Review)
Goths Against Chastity Unite
'The Cure' Album Advert
Ireland  3 Y Review Author: John Walshe
7/28/2004 Hot Press  N Not So Hot Hot Hot (7-10-04 Dublin, Ireland Show Review)
Ireland  0.5 Y Author: Phil Udell
1/1/1982 Hot Whacks  N Bootleg Review?
US  #10, Vol. 3, #2, Pat Benatar Cover
1/1/1992 Hot!  N Flash - Cure (Picture Of Robert Circa '90 Looking Through Paint Smears)
Brazil  2 Y Madonna Cover
7/20/1986 Houston Chronicle  N Taking The Cure British Group Re-emerges From Its Ashes
7/22/1986 Houston Chronicle  N The Cure Illuminates Outdoor Show
7/27/1986 Houston Chronicle  N A Few Words With... Lawrence Tolhurst
1/21/1987 Houston Chronicle  N 'Killing An Arab' Song Isn't Racist, Rock Musicians Say
Rock Group Restricts Air Play Of 'Killing An Arab' Song
1/1/1988 Houston Chronicle  N Brooding Rock
US  1
9/18/1989 Houston Chronicle  N Cure Proves Master Of Brooding Rock
6/11/1992 Houston Chronicle  N 'Postmodern' Cure Gets Lost In The Fog
8/26/1996 Houston Chronicle  N The Cure Retains Its Vigor In Solid Show
2/20/2000 Houston Chronicle  N The Cure, Rediscovered Goth Rock Shines On 'Bloodflowers'
5/26/2000 Houston Chronicle  N The Music Wasn't The Right Cure (5-24-00 Houston, Texas Show Review)
US  2 Y O Author: Michael D. Clark
5/4/2004 Houston Chronicle  N Cementing Their Place In History
7/11/2004 Houston Chronicle  N Recordings ('The Cure' Album Review, Begins with 'You can't swing a dead cat these days without hitting a tortured rock act...')
8/15/2004 Houston Chronicle  N Cynthia Woods Pavilion: 8-15-04 Houston, Texas Show Advert
US  1 Y O
8/16/2004 Houston Chronicle  N Smith Has The Cure For Fans (8-15-04 Houston, Texas Show Review)
US  0.25 Y O Author: Michael D. Clark
6/22/2005 Houston Chronicle  N Billy Corgan's Solo Effort Isn't A Smashing Success (Future Embrace Album Review (w/Robert))
8/12/2004 Houston Press  N 8-14-04 Numbers After Party Advert
Boys Do Cry
Cynthia Woods Pavilion: 8-15-04 Houston, Texas Show Advert
Ticket Center Advert
Ticket Connection Advert
US  4 Y O Author: Annie Zaleski
2/1/2008 Hovet Program  N En Blandning Av Nytt Och Nostalgi!
Sweden  0.25 Y
7/1/1990 Humo  N Tourhout/Werchter 90: De Duivel En Zijn Moder: The Cure
Belgium  4
10/8/1992 Humo  N Er Is Dus Toch Een Cure For The Summertime Blues
Belgium  0.75 Y O #2718
7/13/1995 Humo  N The Cure (Begins with 'In de voorste rijen stonden inmiddels...')
Belgium  1 Y
5/7/1996 Humo  N Robert Smith 'Laat Mij Maar In Het Donker Spelen'
Belgium  3 Y Author: Serge Simonart
12/2/1997 Humo  N The Cure Verzameld: Robert Smith Wijst De Lekkerste Brokken Aan
Belgium  4 Y Author: Serge Simonart
2/23/2000 Humo  N The Bats In The Head Of Robert 'The Cure' Smith Are Ok
Belgium  3 Author: Serge Simonart
7/23/2003 Humo  N Begins with 'The Cure Over De Vloer: Robert Smith, In Een...'
Belgium  4 Y O Klimat Op Drift Cover (Guys In The Surf), Author: Serge Simoncort (Last name spelled correctly?)
1/1/1994 Hypno Magazine  N The Crow Album Review
Unknown  2.25 Y Vol. 3 #3/4, Review Author: David Genison
1/1/1986 I Love English  N Unknown
France  1 Y #4, Cartoon Drawing Of Man And Woman Cover
12/1/2003 Ice  N An Ounce Of Prevention...
US  1 Y
6/1/2004 Ice  N Ice Cubes (Begins with 'The Cure issues its first new studio album since 2000's Bloodflowers on June 29...')
Release Dates: The Cure
US  0.5 N O #207, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Cover
12/1/2004 Ice  N Release Dates For The Cure
US  0.25 N #213, Norah Jones Cover
5/1/2005 Ice  N Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography Reissues Album Advert
US  1 Y
7/1/1980 Idol Worship  N Fanzine - Seventeen Seconds Album Review
US  0.25 N Cramps Cover
1/1/1986 Idolos Do Rock  N The Cure
Brazil  1 Y O Many Artists Cover
9/1/1989 IE  N Unknown
US  Steve Dahl Cover
8/5/2007 IE  N Playing Live The Best Cure
Australia  1 Y Melbourne Herald Sun Supplement, Man Crossing Arms Cover
8/1/1986 Illinois Entertainer  N Unknown
US  0.5 Effigies Cover
11/1/1986 In Fashion  N Robert Smith: The Cure (Begins with 'When it comes to The Cure's lead singer/songwriter...')
US  3.25 Y O Charlie Sexton and Rosanna Arquette Cover, Author: Brad Balfour
1/1/1989 In Fashion  N Robert Smith: The Cure - Against The Rock Star Grain
US  3 Y O
7/1/1997 In Style  N There's No Place Like Home (About St. Catherine's Court Bath, England)
US  1 Y O Julia Roberts Cover, Author: Richard Alleman
8/6/1986 Independent  N The Cure: Une Mythe
France  0.5 N
1/1/1992 Indiecator   N The Cult Collection
Germany  8
1/1/1992 Indiecator  N Sind Sie Nun Geheimnisvoll? (Including Lyric Sheet)
Germany  7
3/1/1992 Indiecator  N Unknown
10/1/1992 Inedit  N The Cure: La Retro
France  5 Y Author: V.B.
10/10/1987 Inrock  N Unknown
Japan  Madonna Cover
3/1/1988 International Musician  N Unknown
US  L.L. Cool J. Cover
9/1/1983 International Musician and Recording World   N Curiouser & Curiouser
England  3 Y Paul McCartney Cover, Author: Chris Roberts
12/1/1985 International Musician and Recording World   N P.A. Column (9-22-85 Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse Show Review)
England  2 Y Sade Cover, Author: Stuart Gillan
7/1/1987 International Musician and Recording World   N Recording World (Dave Allen Talks About WCIBY?)
England  2 Y Zodiac/Manowar Cover, Author: Jim Betteridge
5/1/1996 Intro  N The Cure - Stimmungswechsel Mit Geschichte
Germany  2.25 Y O #34, Die Sterne Cover, Author: Holger In't Veldt
1/1/2000 Intro  N Unknown
Germany  2 Y Lou Reed And Iggy Pop Cover, Date?
7/28/1987 Island Ear  N Unknown
US  2 Steve Wright Cover
8/29/1993 Island Ear  N Show : The Cure Live And Indirect
US  0.5 Y O #374, Radiohead Cover, Author: Risa Bryan
1/1/2000 It!  N The Cure
Australia  10 Y O #35, Olivia Newton-John Cover, Author: Danny Best
1/1/1985 Jackie  N Bob The Wonder (Lead Singer With The Cure)
England  0.25 N O 85?
12/21/1985 Jackie  N Robert Poster (Close Up Of Robert's Face)
England  Y Pete Burns Cover
2/8/1986 Jackie  N Cure Poster
England  Simon Le Bon Cover?
9/17/1996 Jahnke  N Olympiahalle. 09.10.96 Verlegt Auf Zenith, 21.11.96
Germany  0.5
9/18/1996 Jahnke  N Bremen, 26.11.96 Fallt Aus
Germany  0.5
10/18/1996 Jahnke  N Konzert Vom 12.11.96, Eilenriedehalle (Hannover) Verlegt In Die Music Hall
Germany  0.5
1/1/1996 Jam  N Unknown
Germany  Metallica Cover
5/1/2004 Jane  N And He Has The Best Hair Ever
US  0.25 Y O Alicia Silverstone Cover
8/1/1996 Jeans & Jam Music  N Unknown
England  Metallica Cover, England
1/1/2002 Jeune A Paris  N Greatest Hits - Tribute To The Cure
France  0.25 Y #111,
6/22/1980 Joepie  N The Cure - Koele Emotionaliteit
Belgium  1 Y Kiss Cover
11/16/1980 Joepie  N Ik Heb Geen Ambities Om Beroemd Te Zijn
Belgium  1.5 Y O #348?, Blondie Cover, Author: Fons Van Dyck
10/27/1985 Joepie  N Some Cure (Robert Poster - In Gray Suit With Black Shirt Underneath, Semi-Close-Up (2 pgs)?)
Belgium  Simon and Yasmin Le Bon Cover
8/18/1987 Joepie  N Cure Poster
Belgium  Y #700, Madonna Cover, 8/16/87?
11/8/1987 Joepie  N Robert Poster (Wearing Betty Boop Shirt)
Belgium  Y Michael Jackson Cover
1/17/1988 Joepie  N Poster
Belgium  Y Michael Jackson Cover
3/14/2008 JP  N En Kur Med Bieffekter (2-13-08 Copenhagen, Denmark Show Review)
Denmark  1.5 Y JP?, Author: Peter Schollert
7/1/1996 Juice  N Some Cure
Australia  Alanis Morisette Cover
7/26/1980 Juke  N Edinburgh, Scotland Show Review
Australia  0.25 N O #273, Mental Anything Cover, Review Author: Johnny Waller
8/16/1980 Juke  N This Feature Self-Destructs In 17 Seconds!
Australia  0.75 Y O #276, The Eagles Cover, Author: Christie Eleizer
7/18/1981 Juke  N Frontier Touring Co. Pty. Ltd. - World Picture Tour Advert (Full Page)
Progressions Of Power
Australia  2 Y O #325, Mondo Rock Cover, Author: John Gill
8/18/1984 Juke  N Robert Smith Tells... Why The Bansheeing Had To Stop, And Why There Ain't No Summertime Blues For The Cure
Australia  0.5 Y O #486, Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover, Author: Stu Coleman
10/5/1985 Juke  N Bobby Soxer: Who Will Love A Lad Insane?
Live! On Stage - The Cure/Hard Corps (Begins with 'Hard Corps' customary insularity is exacerbated at Wembley...')
Australia  2.5 Y O #545, INXS Cover, Review Author: Donald McRae, Interview Author: Carole Linfield
6/17/1989 Juke  N The Cure Pt. 2
Australia  1 #738, World Music Musings (With Peter Gabriel) Cover
1/1/1986 Juke Box  N Unknown
France  3 Y #7, Chaussittes Noires Party Cover
7/31/1985 Just Seventeen  N Catch This Man In A Gold Medallion (With Robert Poster, Robert Holding Rope Wearing Suit With Blue Shirt, Water On Wall Background)
England  2 Y O Justine The Model And John Taylor Cover, Author: Sorrel Downer
1/1/1987 Kaccpiva  N Cure Poster (Simon Standing In Black Shirt, Boris, Robert - In Gray Sweater, Lol All Wearing White Shirts Sitting) (C. Thomas Howell On Back Side)
Greece  2 Y
1/1/1983 Kalx  N Robert Smith Interview
US  1 Y Santa Cover, Author: Sofia Ames
12/1/1985 Kamikazes  N Musique: Robert Cure Toujours
France  1
7/3/2004 Kerrang!  N Melissa Auf Der Maur - My Fashion Hell (Cure Mention)
Taking On The World - 1. Look To Your Heroes (Blink-182, Cure Mention)
England  1.25 Y O The Hives Cover, Author (Blink-182): Ian Winwood
7/10/2004 Kerrang!  N Tweaker - 2 A.M. Wakeup Call Album Review
England  0.25 Y O #1013, Green Day Cover
7/31/2004 Kerrang!  N The End Of The World Single Review (Begins with 'Anyone hoping Ross Robinson might have injected a bit of oomph...')
England  0.25 Y O #1016, Author: Daniel Lukes
10/2/2004 Kerrang!  N Worship And Tribute (9-27-04 MTV Icon Show Review)
England  2 Y O Slipknot & Slayer Cover
11/20/2004 Kerrang!  N 11-5-04 London, England Placebo w/Robert Smith Show Review
Feedback: Just Like Heaven
England  1.5 Y O #1032, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Cover, Review Author: Tom Bryant
4/23/2005 Kerrang!  N Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography Album Reissues Review
England  #1053, Queens Of The Stone Age Cover
8/1/1987 Keyboard  N A Dose Of Keyboard Fever
US  5 Y O Jeff Lorber Cover, Author: Mark Dery
10/1/1989 Keyboard  N A Cheerful Note On Disintegration
US  4 Y O Peter Gabriel Cover
9/1/1996 Keyboard  N Ballroom Dancing With Roger O'Donnell Of The Cure
US  0.5 Y Hands Holding CDs Cover, Author: Greg Rule
5/1/1989 Keyboards  N The Cure: 'Docteur Robert, Je Presume?'
France  2 Y #22, Author: Alvin Jackson
1/1/1980 Kleenex  N Fanzine
France  #2, Guy In Leather Jacket Cover
5/18/1996 Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger  N Wild Mood Swings Album Review
Germany  Author: Thorsten Keller
1/1/1991 Kolner Express  N Cure - Live LP Neu Aufgelegt
Germany  0.25
1/1/1989 Konzert  N Popstars Der 'Schwarzen Fraktion'
Germany  0.25
11/16/1996 Krone  N Endlich Live! Am 16.11 Kommen The Cure Zu Einem Konzert In Die Wiener Stadthalle
Austria  1
6/1/2004 Kultur News  N 'Goth? Ganz Schrecklich!'
Germany  2.25 Y O Nils Landgren Cover, Author: Michael Ernst
2/1/2000 Kulture News  N Unknown
  1 Fiona Apple Cover
9/22/1992 Kurerte 5000  N 9-21-92 Oslo, Norway Show Review
Norway  1 Author: Ekern Yngve
11/1/1996 La Depeche  N Le Spleen Nouveau De Cure Est Arrive
France  0.25
11/4/1996 La Depeche De Midi  N Cure... D'Amaigrissement
France  1 Y Author: Sebastien Marti
2/2/2004 La Derniere Heure  N Cure De Raretes...
Belgium  0.5 Y Author: L.L.
2/24/1987 La Joven Musica  N The Cure Vendra A La Argentina, El Sonido Del Rock Actual
Argentina  1 Y C Author: Guillermo Allerana
2/5/2000 La Libre Belgique  N Le Cadeau D'Adieu De The Cure
Un Bouquet De Fleurs De Sang
Belgium  1.5 Y
11/9/2002 La Libre Belgique  N Une Bonne Cure De Nostalgie
Belgium  1.5 Y
8/1/2004 La Mosca  N Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival
Mexico  2 Y O #83, Pixies Cover, Author: Rogelio Matamoros
5/3/2000 La Provence  N A La Recherche Des 'Cure' Perdus... (5-2-00 Marseille, France Show Review)
France  1 Y Author: Patrick Merle
1/1/2005 La Republica  N Spettacoli & TV (Begins with 'Cure - Robert Smith, principe dark, guida ancora con grande successo la band inglese...')
Italy  0.5 Y O Date?
1/1/1992 La Vie Du Rai  N Cure De Jouvence
France  1 Y Author: Bruno Mousel
1/1/1987 La Voix Du Nord  N Le 3 Novembre Au Stade Couvert Regionale, 'The Cure'
France  0.5 Y
11/1/1987 La Voix Du Nord  N Lievin, Ville De 'Cure'
France  0.5 Y C
4/20/2000 La Voix Du Nord  N Robert Smith Et 'Cure'
France  1 Y
4/21/2000 La Voix Du Nord  N 'Cure'... Comme Une Maree Noir! (4-20-00 Lille, France Show Review)
France  1 Y Author: M. Berry
5/8/1992 LA Weekly  N 6-27-92 Los Angeles, California Show Advert
US  1 Y O
5/10/1996 LA Weekly  N 8-10-96 Los Angeles, California Show Advert (Full Page)
US  1 Y O
6/18/2004 LA Weekly  N 8-27-04 Carson, California Show Advert
Tower Records: Join The Dots Box Set Advert
US  1.5 Y
8/12/2004 LA Weekly  N 8-27-04 Carson, California Show Advert
US  0.5 Y
9/1/1998 L'Actu  N For The Masses Album Review
France  1 #13
1/1/2001 L'Actu  N Jouer En Concert A Tjrs Ete Un...
France  1
1/1/1992 Lancamento  N The Cure - HOT!
Brazil  16
1/1/1989 Largo Maryland Newspaper  N Disintegration Is A Title... (Disintegration Album Review)
US  Author: J.D. Considine
8/19/2004 Las Vegas Mercury  N Junior Jack - Trust It Album Review (With Robert)
US  0.25 Y O Author: Mike Prevatt
8/9/1996 Las Vegas Review Journal  N The Cure: Alternative Rockers Not All Doom And Gloom (8-9-96 Las Vegas, Nevada Show Review)
US  2 Y Author: Mike Weatherford
5/4/2004 Las Vegas Review Journal  N Music Snobs, Underground Fans Unite At Coachella


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